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WELCOME ! WELCOME !WELCOME is a knowledge-based blog for all the guys who want to know more about stress management. Here you can learn about the latest development in the field of stress management and all the tricks and stress management techniques used to manage stress. We all know that stress management is very important for mental peace and development and this blog is a small effort to reach out to the knowledge seekers and acquaint them with the latest development. During an epigrammatic span of time, has gathered the attention because of its idiosyncratic approach towards the stress management.

About me

My name is Abhijat Dhawal and I have helped quite a few individuals to overcome short-term stress. By inculcating few meditation techniques, you can prepare yourself against stressful situations. Over the .years, I have learnt to deal with stress in a better way. At post-graduation, we learnt to deal with stress by reading the theories and doing the practicals related to stress management techniques. We learn a lot in our professional life and I will be sharing my experience on this blog.
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