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Japanese Stress Relief Techniques | Learn More...

Are you aware of the Japanese Stress Relief Techniques?

japanese stress relief techniques

Stress, anxiety, and depression can make your life hell. At times, it has been found that people don't take stress seriously. Though a small amount of daily stress keeps us motivated and focused still keeping track high-intensity negative stress is very important.
Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and other health problems in the long run. Let's understand first the way our body reacts when it encounters a stressful situation. 
When we as a human being encounters a stressful situation, our brain sends a signal to the body, as a result, the body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. 
So, what is basically a "fight" or "flight" mode?
In the layman language, it's a preparation by the body to fight any perceived threat.
So, how does our body prepare?
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The body releases cortisol aka "stress hormones" and adrenaline. These hormones increase the sugar level, blood pressure, and heartbeats. After the stressful situation is handled successfully, the original state of the body and mind is restored. The hormone secretion also gets neutralized. 
The process is pretty simple and easy but the problem arises when the encounter of the body is very frequent with the stressful situation. In this case, the restoration of the body function to normal becomes a tedious and delayed task and thus, leads to severe complications.

Examples of a stressful situation:
  • Loss of family members.
  • Fired from a high paying job.
  • Prolonged health problems.
  • Financial instability.
There are can be many other numerous problems that can cause you stress.

Types of Stress:
  • Long-term stress.
  • Short-term stress.
The impact and effect of short-term stress on health and mind goes away with time but long-term stress needs proper treatment. You can inculcate meditation, yoga, and other physical activities like jogging, exercising in your daily routine to balance the ill-effect of long-term stress. 

Here, we will mostly concentrate on the discussion related to stress relief techniques. Though we have talked a lot about these techniques in the past on this blog still we find a lot of techniques are left to be discussed.

Though there are a lot of medicines available in the market still I recommend going the natural way. Trust me, Guys, natural stress relief is always better as compared to pharmaceuticals, smoking, and drinking because the natural way never let you compromise and will always promote well-being.

Introduction to Japanese Stress Relief Techniques

This is a well know Japanese method based on the technique "Jin Shin Jyutsu" which exploits the concept of the acupuncture. You don't need any technical person for this purpose, it's quite simple and easy.
                       Japanese stress relief technique
The acupuncture works on the concept of pressure points. According to this concept, we have pressure points in our hand, which when massaged properly, releases pain, tension, and stress.

Before we discuss, the Japanese stress relief techniques, let me tell you the thing that I like a lot about it. You don't need any instrument or device to perform it. It can be easily performed anywhere and at anytime with zero cost involvement.

As per the Japanese stress relief techniques, each of our fingers represents a particular emotion. Using this technique, you can address the negative energy in each finger, one at a time and, release them one at a time.

Moving further, let's throw some light on the emotions attached to each finger.
  • Pinky: Stimulate self-esteem and general outlook.
  • Ring: Relieve sadness and depression.
  • Middle: Control anger and frustration.
  • Index: Overcome fear.
  • Thumb: Reduce worry and anxiety.
You need to concentrate on each finger for at least two minutes for the better result.

Step 1: Open your hand with the finger widespread and relaxed.
Step 2: Use all the fingers including the thumb of the second hand to grasp the thumb of the first hand.
Step 3: Press the thumb in such a way that you can feel the pulse.
Step 4: Wait for at least 2 minutes in the same position.
Step 5: Continue the same process for the rest of the fingers.
Step 6: For better result, press the center of the palm of one hand with the thumb of other hands for 2 minutes after completing the above process.

To prevent your mind from wandering, you need to minimize the unwanted sound in your surrounding that can be easily achieved with the help of soundproofing.

Wrapping Up: This process will give you instant relief and you can inculcate this habit into your daily routine to cope up with everyday stress. Unlike medicine, it doesn't have any side effect. Perform this Japanese stress relief techniques anytime and anywhere.


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