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Stress Relief Products | Pick The One That Suits You...

                          STRESS RELIEF PRODUCTS I have made stress my best friend. Can you guess, why? The answer is more simple than you think, that is, stress can't be ignored, it's part and parcel of our life. So, it's a good strategy to make stress your best buddy, isn't it? Before we start reviewing the stress relief products,  let's have a quick discussion about good stress, bad stress, short-term stress, and long-term stress. Stress is the response to the demand created by the stressor. Stress can be good or bad depending upon the stressful situation and its impact on the overall performance of an individual. From overall performance, I mean emotional, behavioral, and psychological effect of stress on one's physical and mental health. What happens when you get stressed? When you encounter a stressful situation, your body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol aka "stress hormone" is released i

Best Stress Relief Bath Products | An Unbiased Review

best stress relief bath products


If you have landed on this blog post, then I can assume that you are looking for a decent bath product that can also help in relieving your stress. I will not deny that the fact that there are multiple products and its variant available to choose from; but the never-ending list of products create more confusion than providing an idiosyncratic solution.

In this post, we have tried our best to come up with some really cost-effective stress relief bath products.

Most of the products that we have selected for review comes under $100. It is advisable to use any of these products on a regular basis for the best result.

Before we start reviewing these products, allow us to throw some light on the stress and its consequences.

Stress can be defined as the response to a stressor. When we are stressed, our body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol aks "stress hormone" and adrenaline is produced by our body in an excess amount. These hormones lead to a higher amount of sugar in the blood, high blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat.

Once the effect of the stressful situation is over, the body restore its normal position. 

Stress is of two types, that is, short-term and chronic. A mild or moderate level of short-term stress is good for the overall development of an individual. For example, short-term stress can help you perform better in the exam, sports, job interviews, client meetings, presentation, public speaking and so on. 

At the same time, chronic or long-term stress can expose you to anxiety and depression.

Moving further, allow me to throw some light on the symptoms of stress. There can be numerous reason for stress. We have categorized these symptoms as physical stress, emotional stress, cognitive stress, and behavioral stress symptoms.

Emotional symptoms of stress include:
  • Avoiding others.
  • Becoming easily agitated.
  • Feeling depressed.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind.
Physical symptoms of stress include:
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Loss of sexual desire.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and ringing in the ears.
Cognitive symptoms of stress include:
  • Inability to focus.
  • Being pessimistic.
  • Constant worrying.
  • Racing thoughts.
  • Seeing only the negative side of any situation.
Behavioral symptoms of stress include:
  • Procrastinating.
  • Changing the appetite.
  • Fidgeting and nail-biting.
  • Increased use of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.
Allow me to discuss the long-term impact of stress.
  • Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and personality disorder.
  • Menstrual problems.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Skin and hair problems.
  • Gastrointestinal problems.
Stress is a part of our daily routine, we can love it, hate it but can never ignore it. It is advisable to inculcate some meditation and food habits in the daily routine to prepare against the stress. Doing yoga or adding green tea to your daily diet can show you result very fast.

Similarly, stress relief bath products can be of great help. Allow me to discuss and explain my way of de-stressing after a stressful day or a stressful event. Trust me, over a decade I have been using the soothing bath as an instant stress reliever.
Let me explain you with an example, I have seen a lot of people using alcohol as a catalyst to de-stress. Unfortunately, it's not one of the best options. You may not believe my words, relaxing using alcohol can be best when the ambiance is awesome. The point that I am trying to make is the role of ambiance while drinking alcohol, taking a spa, or a hot shower.

In this post, I will try to explain the method that has really worked for me over the decades.

Tell me, Who doesn't like a tranquil evening at home with bubbles and the favorite mellow music playing in the background?

It's all about setting the perfect atmosphere. Either you go for a body spa or a daily bath ritual to unwind yourself.

A combination of lightning, bathing soap, little accessories, and most importantly scent can give you a lifetime experience. 

Trust me, its very enticing and you will feel like never leaving the bathtub. So, be careful while you try this enduring experience.

Disclaimer: For the best results, you will have to try these products for a good amount of time. Slowly and gradually, these products will start showing their effect.

best stress relief bath products

                                     African Bath Mat

This elegant rug is a perfect choice for the bathroom, playrooms, bedrooms, baby rooms and so on. The rug is 180 cm wider and 120 cm longer. The rug is made up of polyester and comes with an anti-slip rubber backing.

The best thing about this rug is that it adds a relaxed elegance to your bathroom and room decor.

The extremely soft fabrics, easy to clean, and color diversification makes it a perfect choice.

Bath and Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Lotion

aromatherapy stress relief body wash

There are two very important components of an enticing bath, that is, foam bath and body lotion. Personally, I have been a big fan of Bath & Body Works Products. The stress relief bath products of this company are idiosyncratically awesome. Trust me, you will fell in love with the aroma and scent that these products exhibit.

The USP of this product is Eucalyptus essential oils, which helps you to get the essential benefits of aromatherapy during the bath.

The best way to get the benefits from the Eucalyptus essential oils is to breathe deep and inhale the oil while soaking.

I will request you to use the foam in combination with the aromatherapy body lotion.

At times, after soaking for a long time, your skin will become dry and pruned. 

This happens because we love to stay in foam for a long time and enjoy the moment.

It is highly recommended to use the body lotion afterward, especially during the winter season when your skin becomes dry.

stress relief product amazon

Bath and Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Foam

Aromatherapy stress relief body wash
In fact, the de-stressing of an individual using stress relief bath products start with the bathing foam. You will simply fall in love with the scent of this aromatherapy body foam. I feel a lot relaxed while playing with the foam in the bathtub.
The body foam consists of essential oil ingredients such as Eucalyptus and Spearmint. The Eucalyptus essential oil will help your mind to concentrate and the Spearmint essential oil will help the mind to focus. As a result, you will forget the stressful day or a stressful event. Your mind will get time to rejuvenate and prepare for the next day.

One thing most of the people forget to do is deep breathing while relaxing in the bathtub. Deep breathing helps your body and mind to get to the normal. The cortisol level aka "stress hormone" level is normalized and the normal level is reinstated. 

This bathing foam is also considered to be sleep inducing for the insomniacs.
One thing I have noticed about the bathing foam is that varying on the shape and size of the bathtubs, it creates more or fewer bubbles. 

I will recommend you to put only a few drops in the bathtub.
stress relief product amazon

             Bath and Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candles

bath and body works stress relief candle
This aromatherapy Eucalyptus and Spearmint candle is perhaps the most popular product of Bath and Bodyworks. This candle can burn continuously for 24 hours. It measures 4 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. Exclusive blend of vegetable wax makes all the difference.

Once you burn this candle, you will feel very relaxing and long-lasting scent. Not a great choice for a small room. Even you close the candle after burning it for a while, you can feel the fragrance for a while. It's very enticing and enduring.

The three wicks help the candle to spread the scent at a very rapid rate. On an average, it takes 10 minutes to fill a room of 400 square feet.

So, what are you waiting for?
Why not give it a try?

stress relief product amazon

                    Bath and Body Works, Stress Relief Room Spray

bath and body works stress relief eucalyptus tea

After a stressful incident, if you are looking for an instant freshness, then this stress relief room spray will be of great help. I personally carry this spray along with me to my office. Whenever I feel the need, I spray it in my office cubicle.
It consists of Eucalyptus extract oils and tea extracts.

Just two quick bursts of fragrance can instantly freshen your bathroom. You can use this spray in the bathroom for the enigmatic effect. I personally tried using it in my bathroom and was satisfied with the de-stressing effect this spray brings with it.

Mostly, I will recommend you to use this spray in the bathroom before you start preparing for the bathing. It will give you an instant relief followed by the enticing bathing foam and lotions.

stress relief products amazon

       Asutra Ultimate Relaxation, Stress Relief Product

asutra bath salts
One of the downsides of a stressful life is the skin rashes. There can be numerous reason for the rashes but you can't deny the impact of stress on your skin. 
[Related] Skin Rashes

The company claims that this bath soak is formulated to combat tension and relieve stress. The USP of this product is the therapeutic power of the pure Dead Sea Salt and the natural ingredients. If you hate artificial ingredients in the stress relief product, then this product will definitely put a smile on your face. 
This stress relief product is a unique blend of dead sea salts and four essential oils. This unique combination will whisk you away to relaxation mode in a couple of minutes.
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Marjoram
  • Chamomile
The confidence of the manufacturer lies in the fact that they claim 100 percent refund policy, in case it doesn't help you to reduce stress and anxiety.

To cross check the company claim, I bought the product from Amazon and gave it a try. To my surprise, it was much better than my expectation. 

The best thing that I liked about this product is the aroma that the combination of these four essential oils creates, it's completely enticing and enduring. I can feel the aroma even after the bath.

Trust me, you will love the experience of pure tranquility.
Stress Relief Product Amazon

              Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Stress Relief Product

gorilla grip best bath pillow

I can guarantee you, this is the best budget bath pillow. This ultra soft and smooth pillow has 7 suction cups. 

These suction cups help you in achieving flawless bathing experience by eliminating the pillow slippage. 

The large panel design is perfect to support your neck, shoulder, and head. The pillow has a waterproof and non-porous surface.

  • Strong Suction Cups.
  • Provides Orthopedic Support.
  • Luxury Padded Foam.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Waterproof.
The airtight design of this pillow prevents the water from entering the pillow. As a result, the pillow is free from any mold and mildew.

When it comes to cleaning, it's simple and easy. You have to wipe the pillow with a clean cloth and you are done. In case you are looking for deep cleaning, then you have to remove the suction cup one by one, and then clean the area. So, all in all, the maintenance cost of this stress relief product is almost negligible.
stress relief products amazon

      Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask, Stress Relief Bath Product

best dead sea mud facial mask
At times, we ignore the damage caused by stress to our skin. To minimize the damage, you can use the facial mask. It's simple to use. You need to apply it to your skin during the soak and after 15 minutes wash it off with warm water. 

When the mask dries, it extracts the extra oil, pollutant, and toxin present in your skin. I will recommend to exfoliate and clean your skin using this facial mask.

This facial mask will be of great help if you are suffering from acne or stress bumps.

Try it out once in every 3-4 days for the best result.
stress relief product amazon

      Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist Sleep

best pillow mist

Trust me, it's one of the popular product available in the market. Though you may not take my words seriously still I am simply requesting you to try this product at least once. The fragrance is superlative as well as idiosyncratic. To get the best results, you can incorporate it into your daily night routine. 

Definitely, it will be a wonderful help for your daily sleep issues. Even if you don't like perfumes, this is a great product to go with. When it comes to the use, you can spray it on the pillow, bedsheets, and blankets (the part facing your face) right before you go to bed and within a couple of minutes, you will find yourself sinking in, and cozying up.

The relaxing effect and scent of the lavender make all the difference. The pillow mist only lasts for few hours. So, you have to spray it every night for a sound sleep. 

It is highly recommended to breathe deeply for the best results.

Stress Relief Products Amazon

Organic Chamomile Herbal Leaf Tea: Best Stress Relief Product

best stress relief tea

I will recommend you to drink at least 3 cups of organic tea on a daily basis. Trust me, I have inculcated the same in my daily routine and the results are mindboggling. It is one of the cheapest methods to get de-stressed and the best part is it doesn't have any side effects.

I personally like this product because it is Non-GMO verified and all the ingredients are certified organic. The company claims to have used the highest quality of pharmacopeia grade herb.

This tea NOT only calms your nerves but also supports your digestion. Here, I would like to make a point, that is, a prolonged stressful life can lead to some serious digestive problems.

          Neck Pain Relief Pillow: Best Stress Relief Product

neck pain relief pillow

This pillow is made up of organic cotton. The thing that I really liked about this pillow is that it is filled with organic flaxseeds and natural herbs like lavenders. The microwaveable warming comfort technology makes this pillow a complete sleep aid. Needless to say, it also helps in the reduction of migraine pain when used cold. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to put the pillow in the freezer for 1-2 hours before using it either to get relief from Migraine pain or from Arthritis.

The manufacturers are so confident of their product that they offer 100% money back guarantee as well as lifetime replacement warranty.

For neck and shoulder pain, you need to mist the pillow and then put it in the microwave. 

In short, depending on your need you can use it for heat or cold treatment. Definitely, this is one of the important product that you need to have in your stress relief kit.

You are advised to use it while you are soaking if you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain.

Personally, I will advise you to carry this masterpiece while you are traveling.

stress relief product amazon

Are you aware of the Japanese Stress Relief Techniques?
If not, then check this out- Japanese Stress Relief Techniques

Wrapping Up: I have shared a complete checklist that you need to carry when it comes to stress relief bath products. By using all the products mentioned in this post, you can definitely reduce a large percentage of daily stress. In case, you are not comfortable buying all the products at one go, then you can pick one of your choices and then give it a shot. If you are satisfied with the performance, then try the other on the list.

Share the article so that others can also be benefitted.


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