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What Are Some Of The Physical Signs Of Stress? | Learn More

What Are Some Of The Physical Signs Of Stress?

what are some of the physical signs of stress

Yesterday I was having a cup of tea in a restaurant and I was observing the people coming and leaving the restaurant. Trust me the experience was amazing. You must be thinking that he has gonna mad or what? What is he talking?

I still stand tall with my statement. In the past also I have learned a lot by observing people. 

Can you guess if somebody is stressed?

If Yes, Can you find out through physical signs of stress?

Time and again I have said getting stressed out is very normal. Everyone does including you and me.

Isn't it?

Our body can easily deal with a moderate level of stress. The problem starts when the level or the frequency of stress keeps on increasing. At a certain level, our body capacity to deal with stress is compromised and then starts the never-ending problem.

It's always a good choice to keep a track of physical signs of stress.

We will discuss these symptoms one-by-one.

Low Energy: There are many reasons that can lead to lack of energy in the body. All of us must have felt low at some point of time in life. A very common reason for feeling low on energy is NOT  taking the well-balanced diet.
First Physical Signs Of Stress

How to find that low energy symptom is because of  Stress?

It's isn't so difficult either...

Just question yourself.

Am I taking a balanced diet?

Am I having indigestion?

Keep questioning yourself until you get the answer.

In case you aren't able to figure out then consult a doctor.

Headaches: There can be numerous reason for a headache. You need to keep a track of the trigger that initiates a headache. I had severe headaches when there was a change in my eye power. After I changed my spectacles things became normal.

How often are you having a headache?

In case if the frequency and intensity of a headache are very high then it's necessary to consult the doctor.
Second Physical Signs Of Stress

A headache is a common symptom of lots of diseases. In case you are getting a headache along with other symptoms of stress then it's a point of concern.

A migraine is one of the problems that arise due to stress.

Upset Stomach:

I can really talk for hours on this topic. Upset stomach was the first sign of stress that I used to encounter whenever I used to get heavily stressed. The upset stomach can include nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. It's embarrassing and trusts me if the reason for an upset stomach is stress then things are gonna be worst.

Third Physical Signs Of Stress

Most of the times upset stomach aggravate the condition. Just to share my experience, I have faced this situation before my job interview and also before the exams for which I wasn't prepared well.

After keeping a close watch on the symptoms, I get to know that the problem is because of getting stressed out.

Symptom differs from person to person.

Tense Muscles:

Fourth Physical Signs Of Stress

Aches, pains, and tense muscles are very common physical signs of stress. You will feel pains in the certain area of the body. Sometimes toothache is also considered to be a symptom of stress.

There is much other reason responsible for tense muscle and pains. If these symptoms are recurring then you will have to consult a psychiatrist.

If these symptoms are because of exercise or other physical activities then it will go away after taking a painkiller or some other related medication.

Chest Pain: Though severe chest pain is a very common symptom of heart attack and other heart-related diseases, high heartbeat followed by chest pain is definitely a symptom of stress.

Most of us have already felt chest pain due to an upset stomach.

Fifth Physical Signs Of Stress

But chest pain shouldn't be taken lightly. It's always good to consult a doctor when it comes to chest pain.

Insomnia: A very important symptoms related to stress. When you are stressed out the cortisol level increases in your body leading to many complications if NOT controlled or checked on time. Again if you are not getting a good sleep then your daily routine will also get affected. A doctor always advises us to get a sound sleep of 8 hours.

Most of the time, I have been asked a question related to Insomnia. 

How can I get to know that my Insomnia is because of STRESS?

Any Guess?
Sixth Physical Signs Of Stress

You need to ask yourself a question, when did this problem start? 

Does the problem of Insomnia comes and goes with the occurrence and disappearance of sleep?

Is the problem situational?

Just asking these questions to yourself can help you to reach out to the answer.

Frequent Cold and Infection: 

As per research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, psychological stress can lead to cold and infection.

The stress should be a long-term stress and the individual must be experiencing it for at least a month. The intensity of stress must be very severe to cause cold and infection. The stress may be a reason for losing the job or getting financially and economically unstable due to a divorce.

Seventh Physical Signs Of Stress

Before we conclude, please have a look at some of the handpicked article.

Conclusion: These are some of the physical signs of stress. In case you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms then its advisable to consult a psychiatrist.


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