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Stress Relief Games | Helps To Control Your Emotions

Do You Know About These Stress Relief Games?

stress relief games

In some of our previous articles, we have talked a lot about various ways to relieve our stress. It's really mindboggling that lots of people aren't aware of various product in the market that can help you to de-stress in a couple of minutes.  I personally have used some of these products and they are amazing indeed.

You will not believe but few of them I used to have at my office desk.

In fact, I have written a detailed article on "Best Stress Relief Gifts" and trust me, Guys, these products will definitely blow your mind.

Today we are gonna talk about some of the games that will definitely ease out your stress.

This blog post will be more of a question and answer post. I will be discussing some of the important questions related to stress relief games.

Let's Begin...

Can video games help us relieve stress?

Any guess?

I know there are two different views on this question. Some believe that a video game can help in reducing stress while others have an entirely different belief.

To make it spicier...

Let's discuss the reason why playing video game can lead to stress?

We will first understand an important term-cardiac coherence to understand the outcome of the research.

Cardiac coherence can be defined as  the synchronization of the rhythm of breathing to the rhythm of the heart

As per the research, cardiac coherence can be considered as a good tool to calculate stress induced by the violent video games.

A sample (n=77) of students were taken for this research. The sample was divided into two parts. A few were asked to play non-violent video games while others were asked to play video games. It was found in the research that the students playing violent games had a high level of aggression and vice-versa.

Since many enemies in these violent video games were trying to kill the player leading to a higher level of aggression. These enemies in the video games use violent way to stop the player from moving to the next level. In an urge to succeed, the player is exposed to a high level of stress.

The players who played violent games for 20 minutes where found to blast a loud noise at other subjects, when given a chance.

Can you guess the impact of the music of video games on stress level?

You will be astonished to know that the music of the violent video game plays a significant role in increasing the cortisol level aka "stress hormone" in the body.

An experiment was conducted to find the relationship between cortisol level and music of video game.

The output of the experiment suggests that the auditory input in the video games can definitely increase the stress hormones.

The experiment was conducted on two groups of students. The first group played the video game with no music whereas the other group was exposed to the video game with inbuilt music.

The saliva samples of both the groups were taken 4 times.

T1: After practice.
T2: After having played for 10 minutes.
T3: 15 minutes after the end of the experiment.
T4: 30 minutes after the end of the experiment.

The result shows that the group exposed to the video game with the inbuilt music has a higher level of cortisol at the point T3. 
anger relief games

T3, that is, when cortisol levels are assumed to reflect the stress induced by the game. In the graph, it can be seen that at the point T3, the variation is maximum.

Before we move further, let's have a look on some of the handpicked articles.

Now, we will talk about the other version of the stress related to the video games.

Can a video game help us to reduce stress?

A group of students were divided into two group and were asked to play either cooperative or competitive video game. It was found that both the groups have a reduced level of stress after playing the video game. 

In another experiment, it was found that the video games act as a stress controller when people are exposed to video game after an extremely stressful situation.

According to research conducted by Behavioral Science Institute in the Netherlands, students were asked to play Starcraft 2, it was found that those students who faced a stressful situation in the game ended up finding great strategy coping with stress.

These students came up with two important strategies to cope with the stressful situation. The first one was to seek a resolution to the negative feelings and the second one was to ask for social support from other players.

Interoceptive awareness was the key difference between the players who coped well with the stress and those who weren't.

The best thing about this kind of video game is that they reward people to manage their emotions while playing the game and work towards finding a solution in a stress situation in the game.

This kind of game prepares you to take a good decision and find a solution by exposing you to a stressful situation in the virtual world, that is, gaming world.

You can take it as a practice session.

Another study found that those who play an action-based video game has better cognitive abilities like reaction speed.

stress games for groups

The General Aggression Model talks about the interlinking between the short and long-term causes.

You can see in the chart, how the person is affected by biological and environmental modifiers. To keep a note, how a person reacts in a stressful situation totally depends upon the present internal state and appraisal decision behavior of the person. 

stress relief games for students

The graph depicts the effects of violent video games on the participant psychological behavior. You can see there is a tremendous increase in the aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, and physiological arousal.

In the United States, the video game is an integral part of children and teenagers. You will be surprised to know that 97 percent of them at least play a video game for an hour a day.

stress relief activities

We will discuss the benefits of playing video game one-by-one.

  • Cognitive Benefits.
  • Motivational Benefits.
  • Emotional Benefits.
  • Social Benefits.

Cognitive Benefits Of Stress Relief Games:  It has been found that video games like shooter game definitely increase the cognitive benefits among the students. 

According to various studies in which training institute hired completely naive players and divided them into two groups. One group was asked to play the violent video games like Halo 4 while the other group was asked to play some other kind of video games for the similar amount of time.

It was found that the group of people who played violent games have more accurate attention allocation, higher spatial resolution in visual processing, and enhanced mental rotation abilities.

You will be astonished to know that a recently published meta-analysis concluded that the spatial improvement skills derived from playing commercially available shooter video games are comparable to the formal courses available at enhancing these skills.

Further, the meta-analysis also highlighted that the spatial improvement skills can be developed in a brief amount of time, playing video games.

Motivational And Emotional Benefits Of Stress Relief Games:  Study suggests that playing video games like puzzle games with a minimal interface, short-term commitments, and a high degree of accessibility can improve players mood, ward off anxiety, and promote relaxation.

You can definitely, try  Angry Birds for mood relaxation.

The games with a high level of complexity and tough levels can make it difficult for the player to move to the next level. Most of the players are interested about these video games and to win the game they keep themselves motivated and thus in order to reach the final level and finally win the game, they make use of their mind to develop effective strategies to cope with the game difficulty.

It has been found that most of the players respond to failure with excitement, joy, and interest.

Social Benefits Of Stress Relief Games: Today the scenario has changed. The gamers are not isolated anymore.

According to a U.S study, adolescents who played games with civic experience like Guild War 2  or massively multiplayer online role-playing game were more likely to be engaged in social and civic movement in day to day life like raising money for others, volunteering, and persuading others to vote.

Case Study Of Social Relief Games: (Re-Mission)

Re-Mission is a video game designed for the child cancer patient. The game allowed the player to control a nanobot who shoots cancer cells overcomes bacterial infections and manages signs of nausea and constipation (common barriers to cancer patients’ treatment adherence).

The best thing about this game is to teach children how best to adhere to their cancer treatments. 

A research study conducted in 34 medical centers compared children assigned to play Re-Mission to a control group of children playing another computer game (Kato et al., 2008). 

It was great to see that adherence to treatment protocol, self-efficacy, and cancer-related knowledge were all significantly greater in the intervention group.

You will be astonished to know that the game has now been distributed to over 200,000 patients and continues to be viewed as a successful treatment approach.

Conclusion: Depending upon an individual personality and other behavioral factors, a video game may work as a stress reliever.  Please let me know your view and experience in the comment section.


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