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Can Stress Cause Pain In Back?

stress pain in back

In the last article, we talked about the stress related vision problem. In fact, I wasn't aware of the fact that stress can also cause vision problems. I was doing research related to stress and found a piece of information regarding the same.


Today, we are talking about stress pain in the back. First of all, I would like to ask you, Guys, how many of you are aware of the fact that stress can cause pain in the back?

Trust me, I wasn't aware of it. So, as a blogger, it was very important for me to dig to the core before even start writing this post.

I am outlining the process that I followed to gain insight and knowledge on this topic.

  • Online Research.
  • Research papers.
I will recommend you to definitely read the book "your power to heal". This book is a complete package and trust me it's a masterpiece.

So, by reading a lot of information available online, I was able to gain good insight on the topic.


emotional stress and back pain

There was a big problem, indeed.

Why anyone should read my post?

Already, a lot of information is available online.

What is new in this article?

I am fully confident that my readers can only give the answer after reading this article.

Let's Begin...

In case you are an avid reader of this blog, you must be well aware of the fact that stress can lead to physiological, psychological, and emotional problems. When it comes to back pain, psychological and emotional stress can be made responsible to some extent.

Psychological stress is indeed a monster that acts like a sweet poison. Though we have discussed a lot of problems due to psychological stress, there are many hidden negative impacts of this monster.

When an individual is stressed, the brain triggers the "fight" or "flight" response. In this mode the muscles are strained, heartbeats increases, and also sugar level in blood increases. 

For example, you are crossing a road and suddenly a car at a very high speed comes towards you giving you a feeling that it will hit you and by the god grace it misses you.

This is a typical scenario of instant stress and after this event, your body will relax and return to normal.

stress pain in lower back

What, if the stressful event is prolonged?

Your muscles will not get time to come to normal. As per an article, published in WebMD, it was found that merely by talking about stressful events, some patients feel pain in the back.

What I said now is definitely surprising but it's fact?

A big problem with chronic stress is that it prevents an individual from performing daily physical activities and even some strenuous activities in the leisure time. The psychological stress creates fear of pain and injury in the patient behavior. The worst part is that these fear keeps on increasing if NOT addressed on time.

Sometimes, the feeling of fear and injury is aggravated by the doctor and family members by asking the patient to "Take it easy".

It has been found that physical de-conditioning is one of the major cause of back pain related to stress.

You will not believe but the limitation to the physical movement and an ignorance of exercise by a stressed person is a cause of concern.

What do you mean by stress-related lower back pain?

In layman language, when we talk about stress-related lower back pain, we mean the influence of psychological and emotional stress in either creating or continuing the lower back pain.

A timely diagnosis is very important for the best result.

Unfortunately, there is a very rare chance that a regular medical practitioner will be working towards the stress-related diagnosis of lower back pain. Mostly, these medical practitioner follows the traditional approach.

Those medical practitioners can be of great help to you who believe in body-mind influence.

As such, it is rare that your medical specialist will ventilate your opinion of stress being the major influence behind the pain.

Before we dig into the best method that can we used to diagnosis of the stress-related back pain, please have a look at some handpicked articles.

Best Tea For Stress


The best way to the diagnosis of the pain is to do reverse engineering. I know you will be thinking that what the f**k am I talking?

Ask your medical specialist to perform all the test that can cause pain in your back. From test related to the tumor to underlying conditions like degenerative discs and herniated disc diseases.

A "sprain-strain" test is performed after ruling out all other causes.

If the diagnosis being positive, it is the decision of the patient to take the decision regarding the treatment.

The patient has found the reason for the stress and co-relate it with the lower back pain.
Once the problem is figuring out, the patient can have ventilated discussion with the physician to get the specific treatment.

Depending on the severity of psychological and emotional stress, you can also try some natural method for instant relief from the pain.

These relaxation techniques help in reduction of stress hormone in the blood, elevate your mood, calm your mind, and relax your muscles.

You can try this product, it will definitely give you instant back pain relief

Deep breathing is a good way to de-stress yourself. Deep breathing helps you to inhale more amount of oxygen. 

You need to breathe deeply so that your abdomen expands and contracts properly. 

I will say you to inhale for a count of three, hold for a count of three, and, exhale for a count of three. You can increase the count depending upon your capacity.

At times, talking to yourself can be of great help. Talk to yourself regarding your back pain. You are the best person to figure out the reason for your stress and the best way to keep yourself away from the stress.
stress related upper back pain

Ask yourself, what relaxation technique works for you?

A long drive on your favorite car, gardening, an evening walk, talking to your best friend etc are just a few examples that can help you to de-stress yourself.

There are numerous activities that really works well when it comes to the de-stressing.

Mindful Meditation is one of the best examples of destressing yourself. The process is very simple. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to sit or lie quietly and notice your breathing without controlling it. In case some thoughts, fear or pain is trying to interfere, keep a notice of it without trying to push it away from you.

In case, you are feeling difficult to control thought process from interfering then just think it as a cloud passing over; then return back to observing your breathing.

Continue this process for twenty minutes.

I hope by doing these activities you will definitely feel de-stressed.

Conclusion: The most important thing about the stress pain in the back is its identification. There are many ways to reduce the back pain. Some meditation and physical exercise really work well. 


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