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Stress In America | Every Two Seconds 7 People Die

How To Deal With Stress In America?

stress in america

 Like me, many people across the globe want to live and earn a livelihood in America. 

Are you a citizen of a developing or underdeveloped country?

Are you passionate about America?

Do you want to study in America?

Are you getting inspired with some of your friends or family members working in America?

Questions can be infinite...

Can you find any similarities in the above questions?


Yes, it's America.

I was born in tier three city in India. From my early childhood, I used to dream of living in the capital of India or at least some tier one city. I don't know but somehow I started believing that Guys from tier one city are more educated, stylish, and smarter. I couldn't that time dream of USA because thinking of another country was something I can't dare or imagine. My imagination boundary was the capital of India. But now things have changed in India. It's very common in India nowadays to go to the USA for higher study or job. To my understanding, the emergence of the IT sector in India has made the difference.


Are we aware of stress in America?

As per the American Psychological Association, Stress is slowly and gradually becoming a health crisis in America. 

Most Americans are suffering from stress and almost 44 percent has claimed in an online survey that their level of stress has increased in the last five years. Some of the major causes of stress are depleting job opportunities, economic instability, and an urge to live a high standard of life.

In the case of kids, the findings of the survey were even more shocking.


One in three children has reported physical symptoms of stress in the last month. 

Are American kids highly affected by parents stress?

An important finding was the effect of parents stress on children. Only 14 percent of children said that their parent's stress doesn't bother them.

But when the same question was asked of the parents the reply was very contradictory.

Can you imagine 69% of the parents said that their stress has no effect on the kids?

It simply shows that there is a huge gap between what American kids want and what their parents think that their kids want?

Overweight child worries more as compared to the normal weight child. It was perhaps the most important finding for the research.

When it comes to the health, again the answers are not very exciting.

Only 40 percent of the American said that they feel they are living a healthy life. Only 27 percents said that they are doing a good amount of physical exercise.

The worst part is American are indulging in unhealthy behaviors to get rid of stress.

Try to understand this with an example, Suppose an American is taking drugs to get rid of stress. Maybe for an epigrammatic span of time, he gets de-stressed. But the end results are horrible. After taking drugs for quite a few times, S/he will get habituated to drugs and the stress level will increase to a great extent in case S/he will NOT be able to get drugs the very next time to de-stress.

So now S/he will have an additional stress because of not getting the drug.

According to the online survey, most of the Americans cited the lack of willpower as the biggest barrier to leading a healthier lifestyle.

cause of stress in american

The positive aspect of the online survey is that around 70 percents of the American believe that they can live a healthier life by simply working on the willpower.

Even in developed countries like America, awareness regarding physical symptoms of stress is needed.

The survey is definitely a good news for the Americans in general and also for the psychiatrists.

According to the American Psychological Association, the stress level in American has increased from 4.8 to 5.1 on a scale of 10.

Personal security is also an emerging reason behind stress in American.

I am sharing my hand-picked articles for your perusal.

The World Health Organisation has called stress the "health epidemic" of the 21st century.

Recently the center for disease control has highlighted some points related to stress. You will be shocked to know that every year 110 million people die because of the result of stress.

  • 80 percents of the workers feel stress at the workplace.
  • Stress is responsible for 30 percent of the disability claims.
  • 42 percent say their coworkers need help reducing stress.
  • Half of the workers say they need help to learn how to manage stress.
  • 40 percent of the workers report their job is extremely stressful.
  • According to research conducted by Yale University, 26 percent of the participants claim that they get stressed out very often.
Conclusion: Stress in America is increasing at an alarming rate. If this issue is NOT handled properly then it can lead to an epidemic.


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