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How To Handle Stressful Situations | Tips That Actually Works

Tips On How To Handle Stressful Situations

how to handle stressful situations

If you are the one reading this post right now, then there is no doubt that you have not only experienced a stressful situation but also your coping strategy with the stress wasn't up to the mark.

Can we have one single strategy for almost all the stressful situations?


"How to handle stressful situations" has a lot to do with your personality as well as your thought process.

Most of the time, people react differently to the stressful situation. If I am not wrong, then you would have definitely experienced the same.

There are many facets to stressful events.  

Before we start discussing the stressful situation, let's have a look at some of the handpicked articles.

Tips on how to handle stressful situations

Best Tea For Stress

Scenario: You are a top performer in your company. It's an appraisal time. Your expectations are very high. Like you, most of your colleagues believe that you will be getting a superlative hike.

Unfortunately, your appraisal discussion didn't go well.

Though your reporting manager was happy with your performance the expectation was much more than what you were doing currently.

He wants you to bring new ideas, motivate your colleagues etc. You know very well that it's very difficult to meet your manager's never-ending expectation.

Definitely, it's a stressful situation.

What will you do?

So, I have mentioned a stressful situation which is very common when it comes to appraisal. I not only hope but believe that a lot of my readers would have definitely experienced a similar situation.

Your reaction to this stressful situation will speak a lot about your personality.

In case you are an extrovert, chances are high that you will speak out on a drink with your close friends.

In case you are an introvert, chances are high that you will keep the things with you. In this case, the problem is that you will keep thinking about your appraisal for a long time. It may be the case, that you will lose interest in your work.

If you are a short-tempered person, then you will have a fight with your boss and in the fit of anger, you may put your paper.

In case you are an ambivert, then chances are that either you will burst out or you will keep it with you.

Again, if you are an individual who is confused and not confident, then, in that case, you will take it as just another stressful events.


So, tell me, how will you define a stressful event?

I know you can.

According to me, a stressful event is a scenario in which our body get's into a "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol and adrenaline hormones are released from our body.
Due to the release of these hormones, the sugar level in the blood increases, heartbeat as well as blood pressure increase. In short, the brain sends the signal to the body to get prepared against a perceived threat.

I am sorry for being too technical. In the layman language, a situation is considered as stressful when we don't have coping capabilities with the situation.

Similarly, there is another very common stressful situation- exam.

The exam is a stressful situation for a large number of students around the globe. If you take the situation in the positive sense then you will realize the exams teaches us a lot.

It teaches us way more than getting a pass, fails or good grades. According to my understanding, almost every one of us would have felt a situation when the preparation for a particular paper wasn't according to our expectation. There are instances in life when things don't happen as per our expectation even though we have prepared in the best possible manner.
how to handle stressful situations effectively

Sometimes, we almost complete 99 percent of our syllabus and go for the exam. Unfortunately, high weight question comes from that one percent. It's really a very stressful situation and we can't do a lot.

So, it's always important to prepare yourself to handle the stressful situations. We can't have control on the stressful situations but we can train and equip ourselves to handle the stressful situation.

There are three phases related to stressful situations.

  • Individual's behavior before a stressful situation.
  • Individual's behavior at the time of stressful situation.
  • Individual's behavior after encountering the stressful situation.

All the three phases are very important to handle stressful situations.

The first phase is the time when your brain gives signals to your body to prepare well against the perceived threats. In this phase, your past experience of handling the stressful situations really gives you an edge over others. In case you have handled a similar situation before also then you will be very confident in handling the situation.

If this the first time, you are handling a particular type of stressful situation, then you will be a responding mode. Due to the lack of previous experience in this particular kind of stressful situation, you will prepare well in advance for the situation. There are possibilities that your preparation may work or vice versa.

The second phase is your response to the stressful situation. It has mostly to do with the way you reacted to the stressful situation and the action you took to handle the stressful situation. The action you took while handling the stressful situation can have short-term as well as long-term impact.

Here, your experience and your expertise on "how to handle stressful situations" really matters a lot.

Now, the final phase comes. The final phase is the result of your response to the second phase.

The final phase will tell you about how good are you when it comes to handling a stressful situation.

Let's understand it with an example. Suppose you were partying on your birthday with your friends till early morning. Definitely, it's great to have fun. After drinking a lot, you along with your friends left for your home. While driving to your home, you hit a person. He is severely injured. Now, it's a stressful situation and the way you will handle it will let you know the impact of it in the future.

You have a few options with you.

Option 1: Simply to run away from the accident venue.
Option 2: To call the police and accept your mistake.
Option 3: To take the injured person to the hospital for the treatment.

Selecting from the options as per your capability will decide the future consequences.

I hope you all are fairly on the same page.

So, let's discuss the ways to handle the stressful situations.

I will recommend you to read this book, it helped me a lot in dealing with difficult peoples.

Take any successful person in the world, you will find a common personality trait among all of them. They can handle the stressful situations very well. I did some online research to find the thing that really makes all the difference.

Can you guess, what I found?

Calmness and relaxed, yes, you heard it right. Like us, these successful gurus also face a lot of stressful situation but unlike an ordinary person who panics in the situation, they handle it there ability to think correctly even in the worst situation and find a way out.

You will not believe but staying calm in a stressful situation is not a magic or a science, just a habit that you can also cultivate over a period of time.

Deep Breathing: As the name suggests, deep breathing is one of the best ways to keep your anxiety level under control. 

What happens when we get panic?

Normally, our heartbeat, blood sugar, muscle tension, and blood pressure will increase. As a result, you feel panic, dizzy, and confused. You aren't in a comfortable mental state. Your thought process isn't clear. So, there are chances that you will take some wrong decision or instant decision with thinking about the stressful situation from all aspects.
how to handle stressful situations using deep breathing technique

To avoid this kind of situation, you can simply breadth as deep as possible. It will give you instant relaxation and will also reduce your anxiety level.

Try deep breathing technique in the stressful situation and feel the difference.

I simply love reading books, this book on deep breathing is definitely a superlative one.

Avoid Caffeine: Simply say "NO" to caffeine. Reducing the caffeine intake can do wonders.

Like most of you, I also prefer coffee for late night work or study. Sometimes, I do take a few cups of coffee for instant relief. I  know it works, there isn't any doubt.

But, you should understand the mechanism behind the intake of coffee to avoid any future damage to your mental health.
describe a stressful situation and how you handled it

When we sip a cup of coffee, it instantly stimulates the central nervous system that puts your mind on high alert, making it more anxious. As a result, you will feel a lot more stressed once the effect of coffee is over.

In spite of coffee, you can drink a glass of water, it will not only bring a freshness but also add up to your oxygen level.

You can try this herbal tea, to get rid of caffeine.

Stay Positive: You need to stay positive else negative thoughts can force you to take certain decisions in the stressful situation that you may have to regret whole life. In case you aren't getting over the negative thoughts, try this book, it will change the way you think.
stressful situations examples

Being positive in a nerve-wracking situation is a great skill. It's isn't science, you can cultivate this habit, slowly and gradually.

Get Enough Sleep: A sound sleep of eight hours is very important for the proper functioning of the mind and body. Researchers have found that those persons who are sleeping less than 6 hours are at high risk of getting anxiety, depression, lack of alertness and concentration. Lack of sleep affects your mind drastically but in the negative sense.
how to handle stressful situations in life

To know more about the benefits of sleeping, you can read this book.

Analyze The Impact Before You React:  I hope you will agree with the fact that most of the stressful situations are momentary. Neither most of the stressful situations last longer nor there impact.

Before reacting to any stressful situation, ask yourself, will it really matter to me after few days or in some cases even after a few hours?

By asking the question to yourself, you will force your brain to analyze the situation. 

You should always keep in mind that it's good to not get stressed for a momentary stressful situation and in case the stressful situation can have a long-term impact then there are many ways to resolve the problem.

Remember, anger is not the solution to any problem and it can never be the solution.

how to handle stressful situations at work

Getting stressed can further aggravate your problem.

To understand it in a better way, let's take an example of road rage.

Imagine you are going with your family for a trip and few person the on bike starts following you and commenting on your family. In this scenario, you don't have to panic but at the same time, you have to handle the situation in a very calm way.

It's good to call police or stop for some time until these people leave the venue.

Remember, there are can many scenarios similar to this. 

Always, ask yourself, will fighting or involving in an argument can be fruitful in any sense?

Should I reply to his abusive language?

Should I fight?

And, if I do so, what will be the benefit?

Try to calm down your brain.

To divert your mind, think something positive or remember a similar situation which you handled efficiently.

I will suggest you, try this book for better results.

Avoid Multiple-Tasking: It's very important for you to avoid multiple tasking. At times, multiple tasking can lead to the stressful situation. Even is not meant to handle multiple tasks at one go. There are people who have this specific skill. It's not that you can't cultivate this skill but it will not happen overnight.

how to handle stressful situations at home

Rather, I will say you to set the priorities for different tasks. The tasks with higher impact can be given higher priority. It will definitely be easy for you to perform one task at a time.

Conclusion: I hope these tips will definitely help you to handle stress effeciently. Please share your tips of handling the stressful situation.


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