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How To Destress Before Bed | That Actually Works

How To Destress Before Bed?

how to destress before bed quickly

Stress can take a toll on anyone's life suddenly or instantly. We prepare ourselves to fight the external threat. 


How equipped are we to fight intangible mental threats? 

I have seen people doing meditation, yoga and many other things to de-stress but isn't it surprisingly not the correct method?

Are we preparing ourselves or our children to fight stress?


A few of you are responsible parents but what about the rest?

Are you educating your children about stress?

I will recommend you to go through this book to NOT only be good parents BUT a responsible one too.

Moving further, Let's discuss stress a lot bit in details. I hope most of you will not deny the fact that stress is a part of our life. Every day we have to face stressful situations. Definitely, it's normal to face acute or instant stress. These stress at times can help you to grow personally as well as professionally. 

What about chronic or prolonged stress?

Definitely, you need to consult a psychiatrist. The early you consult the better will be the result.

Now, we are aware of the fact that we can't ignore stress at all in our life. The best thing we can do is to find some techniques that can help us to de-stress as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, our days are hectic. Most of the time we are busy until late at night. There is no doubt about it. 

To my understanding, the best time to de-stress ourselves is the time before going to bed.

If you aren't getting good sleep then you will have to suffer a lot the next day. 

Sound sleep is very important for the proper functioning of your physical and mental health.

Doctors advise an 8-hour sleep.

                          Tips on "How to de-stress before bed"

Prioritize the work: Either you are a lawyer, engineer, doctor etc or a businessman, you have indeed a lot to do. Even if you are a student, a lot needs to be done on your end.

Time management is the best solution when it comes to prioritizing the task. Guys, correct me if I am wrong.

Before going to bed, simply jot down on a piece of paper all the things that you have to do tomorrow. There are instances when you can get more stressed by seeing the list of things that you have to do tomorrow. You also know that it's not possible to perform all these tasks in one day.


Calm down! we have a unique solution for you. Simply set a priority by assigning a number to all the things that you are thinking of doing tomorrow. For example, a certain meeting may be important and certain can be postponed.

how to destress before bed by prioritizing your work

Follow the same process for weeks and month. It's good to go slow initially and later you can simply run.

In case you need more suggestion on prioritizing the work, you can try this book here.

Put your phone on silent: We can't imagine a day without the smartphones.  Definitely, it's important to answer most of the business and personal calls but it's also important to give your mind a break.

According to an article published in WebMD, research was done on nine healthy adults in their twenties. To keep the light and sound pollution at minimal, the experiment was done in a sleep lab.

The experiment consists of two parts. In the first part, these adults were allowed to use electronic devices like smartphones and tablets for texting, emailing, watching videos, playing games etc. They were given an option to choose when they want to go to sleep keeping in mind the fact that they have to wake up at a specific time the next morning.

In the second part, these adults were only allowed to use printed materials like newspapers, magazines, books etc. The participants were allowed to choose the content for reading.

Both the steps were performed for a duration of 5 days separately on these 9 participants.

Hey, can you guess the outcome?

I know guys, you can...

The findings were mindboggling indeed. Researchers point out some very specific things.

The participants were less sleepy at bedtime when they were using tablets or smartphones as compared to the time when they were reading some printed materials before bedtime.

Another important finding was the alertness. Using smartphones or tablets at bedtime took a toll on the alertness in the first hour of awakening.

how to destress before bed by switching off the phone.

When people were using tablets before bedtime, melatonin took lots of time to get produced in the participant's body as compared to using printed materials.

Similarly, when participants were using electronic devices they slept on an average 30 minutes later.

So, it's always advisable to keep your phone either on airplane mode or silent mode to have 8 hours of sound sleep. I know the phones are very important and there are many businesses that run only on phone but at the same time, you have to keep in mind that using anything more than a certain limit can take a toll on your health.

Sipping Tea: Trust me, Guys, this is my favorite method indeed. Mostly, I prefer green tea. It has been working for me for years.

A study was conducted on 42093 Japanese. The sample includes 6.6 percents participants, that is, 2774 Japanese with psychological stress. Drinking five cups of green tea per day can do wonders for your stress and anxiety problems.

How to destress before bed by drinking green tea

In the study, it was found that the stress level reduced significantly by regularly drinking green tea.

I have written a detailed article on "how to select the tea that can help you to de-stress?".

Try Meditation: Like many meditation gurus, I also believe that meditating early morning is a great stress reliever. One thing most of these gurus don't say is that doing meditation at night also really works well.  You can try some specific meditation that really works well when it comes to a sound sleep.

I totally agree that doing meditation is a bit tough task when you come from your work. It may feel as if you can't do it but the best part is the benefits that you can reap in an epigrammatic span of time.
how to destress before bed by doing meditation

Before bedtime, have a hot shower and try the meditation for just ten minutes. Continue the same for a period of 8 weeks and you will start seeing the benefits like never before.

I have read quite a few books on meditation before finding this book. It really changed my life.

Think Positive: The way you think and the things about which you think really affects your personality. Most of us will agree about the fact that there are two types of energy, that is, positive and negative energy.

You will get attracted towards the positive energy only when you think positive. Being positive is an asset in itself. Definitely, a positive thought reflects in your body language.

Sometimes, it's great to inspire others with your positive thoughts. 

How can I think positive?
how to destress before bed by being positive

There are many ways to be positive. If you wanna know my mantra of being positive then definitely I will give a lot of credit to this book. It completely changed the way I used to think.

Now, I am talking about some of the tips that have really made a difference in my life.

Avoid Negative Self-Talk: Trust me, no one knows you better than you, yourself. It's really difficult to stop completely the negative self-talk at once but yes over a course of time, you can do wonders for your thinking ability.

I hope like me you also have a habit of self-talk. Self-talk is an important part of our life. It helps you to understand how the thought process is getting processed in your brain. It's your inner voice, indeed. The self-talk process is one of the best ways to prepare yourself to interact with society. At times, I have done self-talk to convince my mind that I am taking the correct decision in my business.

For me, it was business. For you, it can be a study, friends, jobs etc.

When we do self-talking, a lot of times our thought process takes a negative path. This is the time we to stop and analyze the reason behind the negative thought.

Once you have analyzed the reason for the negative thoughts, you can take help of your well-wishers to get rid of it.

For me, the most important thing about self-talk is paying attention to my talks. When I feel that I am taking the negative path, I will simply try to divert my mind towards some meaningful thoughts. 

In most of the cases, I start thinking of some quotation related to being positive in life etc.

Sometimes, reading inspirational stories is all that you need to do.

Try Humor: Sometimes, humor works really well. Imagining humor in a stressful situation can ease out your stress. Always be open to humor. The best way is to watch a funny sitcom or read the online joke.

Never Give-up: It's not easy to cultivate never give up attitude. You have to cultivate positive thoughts. Your surrounding has an influential impact on you. So, you should always try to be in the friend circle of positive and optimistic people.

It's always good to discuss your problems with friends and family. Holding inside can aggravate the stress level.

Call your friend or get involved in trekking activities to remove negative thoughts.

Always believe in the power of positivity.

Before we move further, let's have a look at some of the handpicked articles.

Best Tea For Stress

Being Optimistic: Seriously, being optimistic is the key to success. The researchers believe the way you explain an event tell a lot about you. An optimistic will give proper credit to himself for the success and will rarely blame himself for the negative output. He will always think from a positive aspect of any incident. He believes that everything is not under his control and thus it is good sometimes to move on.

On the other hand, an individual with negative thinking will always criticize himself for failure and will restrain himself from due success. Negative minded people will always see the negative aspect of anything.

Being optimistic is very crucial to be happy. Most of the time, life puts in you in a stressful situation and tests your nerve. Your calmness, perseverance, and ability to perform in stressful situation shows the optimism in you.

I hope you will definitely try these four tips that I have been following over the decades.

Try Coloring Books: Coloring books are great stress relievers. I have written a detailed article on coloring books. You can buy a coloring book and start coloring it just before going to bed. I am sure you will sleep just after a few minutes of starting the coloring. It helps your mind to de-stress. Coloring needs attention and as a result, you forget all the tension and start concentrating on coloring. 

Related: Best Adult Coloring Books

It has been scientifically proven that adult coloring books help in de-stressing

Listening To Stress Relieving Music: If you love music like I do, then try some stress relieving music. Start listening to the music just before going to bed, you will feel the difference.

My favorite pick: Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Stick With Your Routine: It is always important to stick with your routine to de-stress yourself before bed. There are lots of destressing methods that you can try and select the one that really suits you.

Once you have figure out the method that works for you, start applying it every day. Following a proper routine will help your mind and body to get into the sleeping mode.

Turn Down The Lights: It's always advisable to turn down the lights when you are going to sleep. If you don't like to switch off the light in your bedroom then better dim the light. In complete darkness, your eyes can relax better and you can fall asleep faster.

Choose A Relaxing Scent: This is my personal advice, I prefer to fill my sleeping room with aromatic scent. Definitely, it works a lot when it comes to instant relaxation. Try to keep a mild level of aromatic scent. You can try different variety but don't forget to try the scent that I have been using for a decade.

Light Therapy Mat:  These light therapy mats are the ones you need for instant relief. There are days in life when certain stressful situations can be troublesome for quite a few numbers of days. These mats do wonders in those situations. If you aren't getting a sound sleep from few weeks then trust me you can't have a better option then trying the light therapy mat.

You can try my favorite mat here.

                              Things You Shouldn't Do To Destress Before Bed

You should refrain yourself from consuming alcohol or other narcotic drugs before going to bed. Though taking help you to relieve from stress for short duration. This is not a long-term solution. 

Alcoholism is not the solution. It has severe side-effects. You must be aware of the fact that consuming alcohol on a  daily basis can lead to other problems like liver problems.

It's good to use the natural remedies to de-stress yourself before bed.

Bonus tip: Using a white noise machine can help you to get undisturbed eight hours of sleep.

Conclusion: I hope you will like the tips that we shared in this post to de-stress before bed. Please let us know your favorite way to de-stress before bed.


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