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STRESS RELIEF PRODUCTSI have made stress my best friend. Can you guess, why? The answer is more simple than you think, that is, stress can't be ignored, it's part and parcel of our life. So, it's a good strategy to make stress your best buddy, isn't it?

Before we start reviewing the stress relief products, let's have a quick discussion about good stress, bad stress, short-term stress, and long-term stress.

Stress is the response to the demand created by the stressor. Stress can be good or bad depending upon the stressful situation and its impact on the overall performance of an individual. From overall performance, I mean emotional, behavioral, and psychological effect of stress on one's physical and mental health.

What happens when you get stressed?

When you encounter a stressful situation, your body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol aka "stress hormone" is released in the body along with some other hormones li…

How To Deal With Stress In A Relationship | An Experimental Approach

Tips To Deal With Stress In A Relationship

how to deal with stress in a relationship

  • Signs of stress in a relationship.
  • Reasons for stress in a relationship.
  • Consequences of stress in a relationship.
  • How to deal with stress in a relationship.
  • Conclusion

We, humans, are surrounded by relationships, indeed. For us, some relationships are extremely important while others aren't.

Take any relationship, it definitely has its ups and downs. Nothing is constant in this world other than the word "change". 

quotes to deal with stress in a relationship

There are some checkpoints in every relationship. Be it a father-daughter, mother-son, husband-wife relationships, there are good and bad times. Every relationship needs to be handled with care. One thing is very important in every relationship, that is, the way it shapes up over a period of time. For a toddler, parents are the entire world. As he grew, the surrounding changes. Now, he has friends, teachers, girlfriend, and parents in the relationship ecosystem. Similarly, an individual good through a lot of short-term and long-term relationship in a journey called life. Some relationships stay forever while others just fade away with the passage of time.

"Life is not the bed of roses".

When it comes to life, it's better to play on the front foot rather than being at the back foot.

quote to deal with stress in a relationship

Have you ever given a thought, why there is a problem in a relationship?

Why children leave their old parents?

Why there is a break-off?

If marriages are made in heaven, then why there is a divorce?

Do you do self-talking?

If Yes, then, try to find the logical answer for the above questions.

I am not sure whether you will be able to find the answer but I am damn sure that you will definitely learn something about the relationship.

In this century, more than learning, it's important to unlearn and then re-learn.

Correct me, If I am wrong?

Before we start our discussion, Let's have a look at some of the handpicked articles that will simply blow your mind.

signs of stress in a relationship

A relationship can be under trouble because of misunderstanding, expectation illusion, lack of interest or external influences.

I have seen lots of relationships getting into trouble just because of external influences. Trust me, it is something I am still trying to understand.

Can any external influence cause trouble in your relationship?

To Begin...

best way to deal with stress in a relationship

Signs Of Stress In A Relationship:

In my opinion, the best way to deal with any problem is to first find out the root cause of the same. Same goes true with any and every relationships. Based on my personal experience, I am sharing some of the signs 0f stress in a relationship that I feel is definitely a point of concern.

  • Mood Swing: Yup, you heard it right. When you or your partner are having frequent mood swings when you both are spending time together or on a daily basis, then, it's time to consult a marriage consultant. Mood swing can be an outcome of stress or anxiety. Maybe, something you wanna share with your partner but you aren't able to. It's not always that you are irritated with your partner. At times, you are irritated with yourself and you even don't know that. As a consequence, you may have a fight with your spouse.
  • You aren't saying "NO": A very important thing that I have seen in a successful relationship is the ability to say no. It's possible that you don't like any decision of your spouse, the best thing you can do is that you can say no to it. For example, he may ask you for a movie. If you are really interested you can for the movie else if you have some office work, simply say to him a big NO. There is an instance when people say yes to please the spouse which over a period of time becomes a burden resuing into stress and anxiety.
  • Feel like no hope in the relationship: At times, you may get fully disappointed because even after giving your best you aren't able to get any output. Circumstances can put even the best of the relationships at the test. This kind of feeling can totally ruin your relationship from the root. In fact, by thinking that the relationship is not working, you have already given up.
  • Looking for a new relationship: At times, stress-related anxiety sails you through a dreamy world where you find everything perfect. You find all the relationships full of joy and happiness without any pinch of bitterness involved. The worst part is that you start assuming this virtual world as a true one. To satisfy your fantasy, you start searching for a new partner. On the other hand, you get an illusion that the current relationship has only flaws.
  • Inter-personal skill and communication weaken: Your communication weakens because of your inability to understand "what you really want from yourself and your relationship". Due to stress-related anxiety, you are confused. You get irritated very easily and the worst part is you aren't ready to listen to anyone. Slowly and gradually, even your well-wishers start staying away from you.
  • Obsessed with your phone: Due to stress, you are low on energy. To engage yourself, you are looking for something and what better than various social media platform and dating sites. You start as a fun but later you use it as a stress buster. Because of your troubled relationship, over a period of time, the phone becomes your best friend. By the way, using phone till late night can take a severe toll on your mental health.
  • Negative Thinking: It is very common indeed that our day-to-day activities influence our thought process to a great extent. Even the external environment have an influence on the thought process. For example, if you aren't getting success, you may start seeing things for an unsuccessful frame of reference. Similarly, in a troubled relationship, you will find all the talks, views, suggestion, and decision of your spouse or partner as negative. You will feel as if he is playing some sort of tricks to defame you or whatsoever.
  • Overthinking: You think a lot. Even small events can cause a stress to you. You are not able to think in a right decision. For example, you are not feeling confident in taking any decision because of overthinking about it. The worst part about overthinking is that it only creates confusion and nothing else.

Are you experiencing the signs of stress in your relationship?

Tell us your view on "How to deal with stress in a  relationship"?

I am putting an open question to my readers. Mostly all of us enters into a relationship only when we feel that we will be happy. Then, how and why the things get change and the enticing relationship takes a toll?

To make a relationship successful, both the person involved in it have to put a lot of effort.
It's isn't easy to keep your spouse happy most of the times. There can be numerous reasons that can bring stress in the relationship. 

We will discuss some of the time-tested ways to deal with the stress in a relationship.

Till now, we have understood that stress is the main cause behind an unsuccessful relationship in most of the cases.


The point is 'how the stress enters into the relationship'?

Any guess?

Let's unwrap it.

discussion on how to deal with stress in a relationship

                             Common Reasons For Stress In A Relationship:

  • Criticism: It's definitely good to criticise but wait, once in a while or for a genuine reason. Criticising and making fun of your spouse all the time can cause a severe toll on the relationship. Your this kind of behavior can lead to loss of interest, loss of confidence and many more in your spouse. So, be careful the next time, you make fun of your spouse.
  • Work Pressure: As the name suggests, it's one of the most common cause of stress in any relationship. A work-life balance is very important. So, in case you are encountering a stressful situation in your office on a regular basis, then definitely it can take a toll on your personal life. Try to figure out the root cause of stress in your office and then work towards resolving it. Sometimes the temporary stressful situation like meeting deadlines, a conflict of interest, an unsuccessful meeting with the client can cause acute stress but it's part and parcel of the corporate world. The best you can do is you can skill up your handling capabilities.
  • Financial Instability: When the earnings are not enough to meet the basic needs, things start falling apart. Stress start building up leading to unintentional fights.
  • Lack of Appreciation: As a human being, who doesn't like to be appreciated. Lack of appreciation from the spouse, even in the case of achievements at the workplace can really take the relationship to an ugly turn. Remember, you will reap only what will you sow.
  • Infidelity: Extra-marital affairs can cause prolonged chronic stress. You will always be in a fear of getting caught and this feeling of fear will result into stress over a period of time. The worst part is because of an additional relationship, you will not be able to give time to your spouse. 
  • Sexual Satisfaction: If either of two isn't sexually satisfied then it will definitely lead to a stressful relationship.
  • Emotional Satisfaction: Similar to sexual satisfaction, emotional satisfaction is also very important in a relationship. Lack of it will lead to stress and anxiety.
  • Health Problem: Prolonged health problem of the spouse can be a source of stress. If the spouse is diagnosed with some life taking disease like cancer, then definitely relationship will go for a toss.
  • Unwanted Arguments: Positive fights and arguments are good for the relationship but unwanted arguments over petty things will only create a stressful situation.
  • Selfishness: Relationship needs sacrifice from both the members. Always trying to get benefits from your spouse will never gonna work.
  • Death of a Family Member: At times, it can be a major source of stress with irreversible effect on the relationship.

                               Consequences Of Stress In A Relationship:

We will talk about some common consequences of a stressful relationship. Once the relationship moves to the stressful situation, then it's really difficult to bring it back to the normal. 

"For any successful relationship, faith is very important"

  • Home Violence: When the relationship is on the verge of collapsing, you will find a verbal as well as a physical spat between the spouse. Sometimes, things can be so worse that the police needs to interfere.
  • Anxiety: a Stressful relationship can lead to the anxiety. Sleepless nights with tensed environment further add to the problem.
  • Insomnia: Due to frequent fights and argument, stress takes a toll on the sleeping behavior. Lack of understanding further adds to the problem.
  • Social Isolation: It's very common and natural that you will try to isolate yourself from the society. A fear of what people will say and how they will respond can force you to boycott the society and live in isolation.
  • Psychological Problem: Due to a troubled relationship and stressful situation, you may find yourself in the grip of some psychological problem. As a result, you will find yourself low on self-esteem, fatigue etc. 

So, what the solution?

Is it good to end up a stressful relationship or give it a last try?

So, finally, we came to the solution that we suggest to all our readers when it comes to the question "How to deal with stress in a relationship"?

  • Identification of the root cause: The solution is very simple but tricky. Both of you need to figure out the source of stress that is literally killing the relationship. Ignorance can never be the solution. Most of the time, spouse take stress as a part of the relationship and forgets the damage that it can cause in the long run.
  • Accept the Unexpected: Whether it's life or the relationship, things never happen as per the plan. Both of you have to accept that there will be an instance when they will have to compromise on certain things. For example, accept the fact that there is a financial problem which will not go overnight but will take some time to get resolved.
  • Being Optimistic: Positive energy can do wonders when it comes to a relationship. It's always good to discuss the problems with a positive frame of mind. Being positive will definitely help you to come to some conclusion.
  • Learn from Other's Mistake: Life is too short to do a mistake and then learn from it. Learn from your colleagues, friends, and well-wishers. Try to find out the shortcomings of a stressful relationship. Ask from someone about the consequences of getting divorced and the trauma they have to face.
  • Exercise and Meditate: Make exercise your habit. Add meditation to your daily routine. By involving in physical activities, you can drastically reduce the cortisol level aka "stress hormone" in your body. Ask your partner also to inculcate it in the daily routine.
  • Celebrate Small Achievements: Most of the time, we ignore small achievements. Yes, I agree that we all love bigger achievements whether it's promotion in job or salary hike. Celebrate these moments with your spouse and make it memorable.
  • Spend Time Together: Try to create magical moments. Go trekking, outdoor games, clubs, movies etc to make memories. 
  • Support Your Spouse: Try to understand your partner, ask your partner if there is any problem in the office etc. Ask your partner, "What is the problem?", "What is bothering you?", "How can I help you?". By doing so, your partner may share the fear and feelings that are causing the stress.
  • Team Work: Work as a team when it comes to stress from an external resource. Put aside your problems, ego etc and work together towards resolving the issue. Take help of your family and friends. Sometimes external stressor works as a medicine in a troubled relationship. It gives the spouse an opportunity to work as a team and understand each other's potential.
  • Make a Plan: Discuss with your spouse and make a list of stressors that is creating a problem in your life. Once the list is prepared, try to figure out the solution to the stressor. You can also take help from the psychiatrist or a neurologist.
  • It's Never Too Late: Never think that its too late and possibilities are very rare to deal with the stress in the relationship. There is always a ray of hope in any troubled relationship and you can never deny the probability that relationship can be restored to the normal.
  • Develop Trust: Trust is the foundation of the relationship. Try to minimize the confusion by encouraging discussion on the various topics that can be lead to the stressful situation. If needed, seek help from the well-wishers.

These are some of the common advice that you can start working today itself. Be positive and always try to comfort your partner. Sometimes, its great to ignore minor mistakes of your spouse.

Conclusion: Definitely, we can talk a lot on the topic "how to deal with stress in a  relationship?" but I think we have tried to cover almost all the important aspect of this topic. In case, you feel that we have missed some points, then feel free to comment or write to us. We love our reader's suggestions and feedback.


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