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                          STRESS RELIEF PRODUCTS I have made stress my best friend. Can you guess, why? The answer is more simple than you think, that is, stress can't be ignored, it's part and parcel of our life. So, it's a good strategy to make stress your best buddy, isn't it? Before we start reviewing the stress relief products,  let's have a quick discussion about good stress, bad stress, short-term stress, and long-term stress. Stress is the response to the demand created by the stressor. Stress can be good or bad depending upon the stressful situation and its impact on the overall performance of an individual. From overall performance, I mean emotional, behavioral, and psychological effect of stress on one's physical and mental health. What happens when you get stressed? When you encounter a stressful situation, your body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol aka "stress hormone" is released i

Stress Definition! How good are you at defining Stress?


stress definition

In this blog post, we will be discussing the various stress definitions that we have come across and simultaneously we will try to explain these stress definition with an example.

  • Stress Definition Science
  • Stress Definition Psychology
  • Medical Definition of Stress
  • Mental Stress Definition
  • Stress Definition Physics
  • Stress Definition Engineering
  • Merriam Webster Stress Definition
  • Word Stress Definition
  • Definition of Stress Wikipedia
  • Define Stress in Physical Education
As we all know that we are living in an era where scientific experiments pre-dominantly influence our physical as well as mental state. How much we do and whatever we do, trust me we can't ignore the influence of science on our day-to-day life.

The fast and furious lifestyle and an ambition to achieve a lot in an epigrammatic span of time can lead to severe stress. The side effects of stress can make your life hell. To my understanding of life, the biggest asset that a human being can ever have is happiness and mental satisfaction. There is no limit to lust, wealth, physical pleasure and so on...

I have seen so many rich people struggling to get a sound sleep. Will you call it a successful life? Definitely, I will not. I believe life is a playground and everyone who is born in this world has to do his or her part of work before they aspire for the destiny.

Before discussing the definition of stress in details, let's try to concentrate on the reason that brings stress to millions of people in this world. Have you ever thought about the increase in stress level as we grow old? I have asked this question to many of my friends and colleagues and as per their understanding, increase in responsibility can further increase the stress level. To a great extent, I agree with my friends but I think this is one of the many reasons which add up to stress.

Don't forget to read some of the handpick articles related to stress that I am gonna share with you right away.

It will be great in case you will share your feedback about these articles.

I love writing about stress because it is something that has troubled me a lot. The worst part is initially it's very difficult to know as well as understand the reason and consequences of stress.

Stress is a devil, it brings lots of other physical and mental problem along with it.

We all get stressed out, it's a very common phenomenon and in the current context, it has become a part of our life.

Let's discuss the definition of stress to make things crystal clear.

What Wikipedia tells about stress definition?

Wikipedia is indeed one of the best things that we have on the internet. You can find anything and everything on the Internet.

Wikipedia defines stress in an interesting way that will really help us to understand the impact of stress on one's life.

As per Wikipedia, Stress is a type of psychological pain or a feeling of strain and pressure that can be both beneficial and harmful. Moving further Wikipedia says stress can be internal or external. A small amount of stress can lead to a better result. A small amount of stress can be desired, healthy, and beneficial.

Let's understand it with an example.

An athlete can get a better result if it takes a small amount of positive stress. Sometimes being competitive and an eagerness to win can cause a stress but this is for a good reason. Similarly, taking stress while doing preparation with a motive to secure good grades can be motivational and healthy. On the other hand, getting stressed out with a thought of not getting through the exam can be hazardous to your health.

Now, we will talk about the stress definition from a physical education point of view.

Define stress in physical education?

Define stress in physical education

Stress has been defined as a “substantial imbalance between demand and response capability, under conditions where failure to meet demand has important (perceived) consequences”.

Generally, physical education students have more physical activities as practicals as compared to students of other subjects. Most of these youngsters have a negative stress while performing in front of the batch.

In front of the batch, they feel less confident and most of them have said that they have a feeling of getting insulted in front of the class in case they couldn't perform. So to overcome these kinds of thoughts they have to be inculcated with positive thoughts and the benefits of being positive.

In most of the physical education courses, the student has to perform a set of physical activities to pass the exam and get the certificate of accreditation. Here the success totally depends on your physical stature and capabilities that you have gained over a period of time.

To make it more clear let's take an example of two students. One of them is tall and physically strong which again is the result of the DNA of his parents. The other one is neither tall nor physically strong. The person who is physically weak has practiced a lot to get good grades but he couldn't overcome the physical limitation and as a result couldn't get good grades in the long and high jump.

This incident has put a lot of stress on him and it took a lot of time for him to overcome the mental trauma.

We have to understand one thing properly that there is a limitation when it comes to physical stature and appearance. There are individuals who have overcome this but at the same time, a lot many couldn't succeed in overcoming their shortcomings.

As success and failure are two sides of the same coin. In a similar way, positive stress and negative stress are the two sides of the same coin. So I would like to say to all my readers and especially physical education students to take stress in a positive way and never back down from the task given to you. Even though you think or you know that you will not be able to perform as per the expectation from your parents, friends etc, give your best and leave the decision to your well-wishers and critics.

Life is too short to worry about "what people will think and say".

word stress definition

Above screenshot throws some light on what does dictionary says about word stress.

Merriam Webster Stress Definition

The above screenshot is the definition of stress as per Merriam Webster.

I am trying to throw some light on the stress definition to help you guys understand the meaning of stress in the broad perspective.

If we talk about science then Physics has an entirely different view of stress. In Physics, stress is defined as force per unit area.

stress definition physics

Similarly, the medical definition of stress emphasizes more on the physical or emotional factor. To make t simple, I just want to say that stress has a different meaning in different scenario and subjects.

medical definition of stress

Out of all the definition said and discussed above, mental stress is something we all need to be aware of. I want you guys by means of this blog post to understand the complication of mental stress.

We will talk in details about mental stress with all the facts and figures that we have. The data will help you analyze the problem that mental stress can cause to your health and future.

mental stress definition

The above graph depicts the relationship between mental health symptoms and lifetime stress severity. You can see it very well that the density is more in the middle and it decreases as we move to the right.

The stress level of students has increased tremendously in the last few decades. It's the responsibility of parents to take care of their child in the best possible manner. I have seen lots of students taking the wrong path and getting addicted to drugs to cope with the stress.

The time has changed a lot. Study and Jobs have become more demanding. To stand in the competition, you not only have to work hard but also have to understand that the work you do really interest you. Working hard or Smart is only good until you like your work. The day you lose interest in what you do, you will start getting lost and the performance will also degrade with an alarming rate.

We will discuss a model here which will help you guys to understand the entire process of stress generation on students.

Let's Begin...

effects of stress

The above chart shows the cause of stress. One thing I would like to highlight here is fear of failure. Trust me, Guys, fear of failure is something most of the students have come across and I would like to share my feeling with you guys, this fear really puts a lot of pressure on you and slowly and gradually the pressure leads to stress which further over a period of time leads to depression. It's a chain cycle. You need to be aware of your stress level.

stress definition chart

The above diagram is self-explanatory and in case you have any doubt then feel free to ask in the comment section.

The above diagram shows a relationship between various parameters. To make it simple, the workload can affect the mental stress, lead to stress and can also affect the performance. Here you should understand that not only workload but also working hours and way of living can affect your performance. The three parameters of workload, Job hours and ways of living can also lead to stress and can very well affect the mental health. Similarly, stress can affect the performance, GPA and Failure and vice versa. One this very important in the diagram is the outcome of all the parameters. Mental health is getting affected by all these parameters. If we talk about the current psychological condition of the people across the globe, you will be shocked by the result. Trust me, the results aren't promising.

In most of the cases, the stress has taken a bigger form and lead to depression.

stress definition by World Health Organisation

To throw some light on the statement made by the WHO, I will share some mind-boggling statistics.

The below chart shows the stress level of the population by country. The stress level of the citizens of Japan is relatively higher as compared to other countries. The countries like US, France, Australia has less stress level as compared to Japan. The stress level for the citizen of a particular country to a large extent depends on the ecosystem of the country.

                                                                                Source: Various

Similarly, the below graph shows the frequency of stress. The source of the survey is Gallup. You can see the individuals who aren't getting enough time to do what they want to do are have a high level of stress. On the other hand, an individual having a work-life balance are having a very low level of stress. In my previous articles, I have discussed the relationship between stress level and happiness. More the happiness you get better will be your mental health and less will be your stress level.

Source: Galllup

Moving further, let's discuss the relationship between various health problems and stress. As per the data shared by OSH, you can see the health problems associated with employees are less as compared to the individuals who are self-employed. I guess stress or pressure may be one of the reason. An employee has a set parameter of KRA to be performed every day. On the other hand, an employer has no such KRA for work. The entrepreneur has to keep a check of all the parameters responsible for successfully running the company. Of course, the responsibilities are way higher than does an employee has.

Let's check some of the stress related quotes.

stress definition female

stress definition unemployment

stress definition low salary

stress definition racism

The stress-related problem develops slowly and gradually, the environment also plays a significant role in increasing the stress level.

A  child whose parents have taken divorce or are on the verge of taking a divorce will have a higher stress level as compared to someone whose parents are living happily.

Similarly, an individual who is jobless is more stressed to someone who is earning well.

Personal life also plays a significant role in maintaining and nurturing the mental health. An individual who has a good personal life is more happy as compared to one with a personal life full of argument and fight.

I don't think there is any human being in this world free from stress. At some point in time in our life, every one of us has to face stress. Life is full of ups and downs and in the similar way stress and depression have become part of our lifestyles.

To overcome the stress-related issue, we should first contact our family doctor and in case the stress level is not getting into control, we should fix an appointment with either a neurologist or a psychiatrist.

Conclusion: Stress-definition can help you to get a feel of stress in terms of science, psychology, physical education and so on...In a true sense, a stress-related problem can be resolved quickly only by increasing the awareness. Have you ever faced stress related acute situation? If your answer is YES then please let us know your experience by commenting in the comment section.


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