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Stress Relief Products | Pick The One That Suits You...

                          STRESS RELIEF PRODUCTS I have made stress my best friend. Can you guess, why? The answer is more simple than you think, that is, stress can't be ignored, it's part and parcel of our life. So, it's a good strategy to make stress your best buddy, isn't it? Before we start reviewing the stress relief products,  let's have a quick discussion about good stress, bad stress, short-term stress, and long-term stress. Stress is the response to the demand created by the stressor. Stress can be good or bad depending upon the stressful situation and its impact on the overall performance of an individual. From overall performance, I mean emotional, behavioral, and psychological effect of stress on one's physical and mental health. What happens when you get stressed? When you encounter a stressful situation, your body goes into "fight" or "flight" mode. As a result, cortisol aka "stress hormone" is released i

Best Stress Relief Gifts | Get The Superlative Deal

Stress Relief Gifts

best stress relief gifts

Thank you, friends, for the overwhelming response. When we started this blog, our sole intention was to help people get prepared against stress and anxiety. Though we aren't even a year old, we are getting an unbelievable response from our readers. These kinds of responses motivate us a lot.

I am sharing the link of some of the handpicked articles from this blog. I will be eagerly waiting for your response in the comment section.

Best Stress Relief Bath Products | An Unbiased Review

Stress Relief Products | An Unbiased Review

We all love gifts and if it is from someone special then the happiness is superlative. As discussed in the earlier posts, stress is something every one of us has to deal in our everyday life so isn't it good to gift our well-wishers, friends, and family members a stress relief gift?

In this post, I will be discussing the best stress-relieving gifts available in the market.

Let's Begin...

stress relief gift: dammit doll

"Had to describe the purpose of the doll when the wife opened it up like a Xmas gift this year because she was plenty confused by it at first glanced. The doll is bigger than I expected (about a foot tall) but serves its purpose nicely. Wife took a few practices wacks with it and instantly understood the necessity of the doll. I bought this one for her to take to work but now she wants one for the home as well (not sure if that's a good thing), but she loved it"-SD CAL GUY

best stress relief gifts: holy mother forking shirtballs

" Having a lot of fun with these pictures. love it. great way to make something cute & funny next time you go visiting, bring a finished one with and place your artwork on the fridge. :) "- Cathy Tolman

Smack A Sack: [Editor's Choice]

best stress relief gifts: smack a sack


"Hysterical gift I purchased for a friend when life seemed to just keep kicking her when she was down. She called me laughing when she received it in the mail. Her whole family loved it"-Melissa K

best stress relief gifts: desktop punching balls

"Mr. Patrick has had the punching ball for over 10 months now and it still works great. Co-workers frequently come to my office to take a swing at it, and it is definitely an office favorite. I work in an office with a "flex" schedule with seasonally long hours so the ball gets most of its use later in the evening on a long day when fewer people are in. It obviously can be quite loud when it is used so I try to avoid hitting it when I can tell people are on the phone. In terms of reviewing the product itself, the exterior of the ball looks the same as when I first bought it. I pump the ball back to full about every other month, a standard hand pump is included that works with any replacement needles. The coil is still pinned straight and the base has only minor wear around where the coil rubs. The suction can tend to decrease quickly but if you clean the bottom of the suction cup and the area that you are attaching it to with a cleaning wipe the suction is back to strong. I have to re-attach about every week or so depending on how many people use it. For some reason a number of my co-workers tend to remove the ball from my desk or pick at the bottom when they are chatting, this causes dust to get either on the desk or on the suction cup. Again, this is quickly remedied by using a cleaning wipe so I am still rating it as 5 stars"- Patrick Jahnke

Best stress relief gifts: adult coloring books

" I love it. The other review hated it because it was full of cuss words. That is kind of the point.
I look forward to using it.
I got it to take to my dad's cancer treatments. He has stage 4 stomach cancer and I sit with him, at the chemo treatments. This is exactly what I need. Because I can't tell well-meaning to people who send me prayers, what I really want to say.
But I can color a bunch of F***s and C***s"- Karen


best stress relief gifts:Toysmith Mini Zen Garden

I bought this for my daughter's desk in her office and she loves it!! It is just the right size to where it doesn't take up too much room on her desk, but still plenty big for her to rake through the sand and get relaxed.

"It is 4"x3". All of the pieces are made of heavy duty material and the rocks are very smooth and shiny. It is amazing at how relaxing it is just to run the rake through the sand or rearrange everything in the sand. My daughter said she really enjoys it and all of her coworkers love to play with it too. I posted a picture of the one she has on her desk"- Rebecca S

best stress relief gifts: fuckit button

"Yes, it's a silly little thing .. but it made one older family member who gets frustrated trying to use his computer, and who uses the "F" word a bit more than necessary while trying to operate his electronic devices, very happy this Christmas. Out of all the gifts he received this was his favorite present and now when he has to attempt to do anything on his computer or other electrical devices that get his blood pressure soaring he pushes the red button and laughs his head off at the different sayings. It has no doubt contributed to lowering his blood pressure and give him a lot of laughs in the process. Now before he sits at his laptop he makes sure he has his little red button
next to him .. and I must admit it's given me a few chuckles as well. The smiles and laughter he's gotten from this were worth the price alone"-BookWyrm

best stress relief gifts: snarky mandala adult coloring books

"Hilarious!!! I am so glad I have found a series of humorous adult coloring books that does not contain a rude curse word every sentence. There is a handful I had looked at, even purchased one, where - literally - every sentence had F-this or F-that or F-you or even Mother "fill in the blank". Honestly, not every person looking for a 'snarky' type of adult-themed book wants pointless rude and crude statements slapped onto a page. In fact, I sent one back because it was so bad that I could not send it to a friend for her birthday!

However, these adorable books have left me laughing until tears came out of my eyes! I have recommended them to a few friends who have also been turned away by the slew of unacceptable humor-filled books. So, thank you for creating such wonderful books!"-Sarah

best stress relief gifts: kpblis weighted sensory blanket

"I LOVE this blanket! It is life changing and worth every cent! Ever since I worked as a pediatric occupational therapist I knew that I needed one. (As I knew that deep pressure is calming to the nervous system) My awesome husband surprised me with it this Christmas. BEST GIFT EVER! After work, it's on my lap, when I'm on the couch. It wasn't my plan initially but I began to sleep with it. Now I fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep! (I've had insomnia for about 30 years.) My blanket is 60 x 80 so I can spread it out to share with my husband or double it over when I need extra compression. I highly recommend this!"-Jessica Roland

best stress relief gifts: eye pillow

"The pillow itself is great. What I find very interesting is that the company has no mention of how to clean these or even offer a matching cover. I threw this in the washing machine by accident with towels (I'm a massage therapist). It came out all puffed up full of water, soap and the seeds inside had expanded. This is definitely not machine washable for those wondering. This is great if only one person is using it but for a therapist who uses these on multiple clients, there needs to be a slipcover for sale or included. I will buy another one but will need to find a cover from another company and hope it fits snuggly. For this reason, the company should post the size of the pillow as well. Good product but not thought through completely"- Damian C

best stress relief gifts: brain sensing headband

"I'm writing this review after having completed 50 sessions with the product. First I'll say that overall I am very pleased with it. I have minor critiques, but they are just that - minor. Since the product includes hardware and software, I'll review both.

The hardware:

The headset has a difficult task in reading brainwaves but it does it quite well for the price. Patience is required to ensure a proper connection with all the sensors. Many people will not have that patience. Ironically, those without patience are the ones who could benefit from Muse the most. With that said, proper use should be within the capability of most people. Although the built-in batteries last a reasonable amount of time between recharges, I find that accuracy suffers as they lose their charge. This is no surprise, but the charge indicator function seems to give a slightly optimistic appraisal. Plan on recharging at 50% or earlier if you want accurate feedback. For anyone thinking this is too much money for a neurofeedback device, keep in mind that professional devices are well over $1000. Bluetooth connection is simple to set up and seems to work fine. The worst issue with the hardware is that you may have to put a fair amount of time into each session to ensure you get good contact. If that bothers you, then neurofeedback probably isn't for you.

The software (the app):

The app is very well thought out. I particularly liked that it "unlocked" new features after you accumulated a certain amount of success. Ample settings are provided to suit your needs. My favorite features are the tracking of data. These are all time and date stamped and kept online associated to your account. This is accessed on the app itself. I would love it if the data could be exported or at least be reviewed on a computer. Maybe they will add that in the future. My next favorite feature is the bird feedback. After a certain amount of time spent in the "calm" mental state, you are rewarded with the sound of birds chirping. Personally, I find this more helpful in terms of feedback than the wave sounds. This opinion may change if I can improve my meditation skills from their current state. The app has had a couple of minor bugs, but they are not deal breakers. It allows you to set weekly goals. After setting a weekly goal, the setting stayed on the default value when it was supposed to have changed at the beginning of the week. The next week, it changed to the value I set - a minor annoyance. Another bug which remains currently is that the audio sometimes drops out for a couple of seconds right at the end of a session. Again, not a deal breaker - just a minor flaw. When the app was updated I was optimistic that bug would be fixed, but it was not. If it never gets fixed, it won't affect my usage. Overall I rate the app highly for what Muse says it will do.

Overall opinion:

The Muse headband and Calm app do what they claim very well. I only rate this 4 instead of 5 because I would love to have the option for more advanced feedback. I've been interested in meditation and neurofeedback for almost 30 years. I've done a lot of research into professional EEG equipment for meditation usage and the price has always been prohibitive. Muse has been the first company I've seen to offer a quality product for a price I can justify. Ideally, though, the app would offer feedback and/or data regarding the specific brainwave patterns it reads (Alpha, Beta, Theta, etc...). Also, a computer interface would be the icing on the cake - as more expensive EEG units offer"- G.Stahl

Healing Toys:

Best stress relief gifts: healing toys

"I got these for my daughter as a fidget. Since she loves cats, this was a no-brainer. I saw ratings that said they were small, but that's perfect because she has tiny hands. They aren't slime, so you can't pull them like they are. They do have adorable little faces that will wear off, but it's okay, just take a pen and keep putting their sweet little eyes back on. They're made to be used!!! And if you just want to look at them, don't play with them or let your child play with them! Their texture felt weird to me, as I don't have anything to compare it to, but my daughter just loves them. They're small enough to fit in her pocket and go with her to keep her from behaviors we're trying to avoid right now. Great fidget toys, I have no idea why anyone expects them to be indestructible."- Erin

best stress relief gifts:coloring book

"This is hilarious!! I love it! I've worked in schools with teachers for thirteen years as a school social worker. When we get stressed out and are trying to problem solve during a brainstorming session, sometimes we take out our collection of adult coloring books and start coloring away. It's become a tradition now, and it's really catching on. It's a great way to relieve stress while still being able to be present and part of the conversation. It gets the "creative juices" flowing, so to speak. (I hate that phrase, but it describes it perfectly).

Anyway, I thought this would be a funny alternative to our usual nature and geometric design coloring books. It's hysterical! It's a "chalkboard" book, so it has much less to color and less detail on each page. But it comes with both "snarky" slogans and some inspirational phrases too. They're designed as if they are written on the chalkboard, so not the usual flowers, swirls, and woodland creature themed coloring pages.

The book is 8x11, which you want to pay attention to because many of the other coloring books in this price range are not--they make em smaller to save money, which is annoying. And, there are quite a few pages, which is another thing companies will try to rip you off with.

The drawings are of great quality. And creative. I'm quite impressed. I highly recommend this for any educator. It would make A great gift too.

I was able to purchase this item exchange for my honest and unbiased review information so you can determine whether or not this product is right for you. I try to keep in mind the average price to the consumer and value the item accordingly rather than based on what they paid for it"- Lauren

best stress relief gifts:aromatherapy candles

"My husband bought these candles for me for Christmas and I love them! He said they seemed much smaller than he thought. They are about the size of a baby food container. However, they are very nice quality as I have been burning them almost daily since Christmas and I still have a half a container of candle left to burn. The smell from the candle is pleasant, not overpowering, and makes my whole apartment smell lovely. I would definitely purchase these again next year!"- Cheryl

Best stress relief gifts: eye pillow
"Like instant sleep . .. 😵
Of course, I couldn't resist trying it out just as soon as it arrived... 😑
And within a few minutes enjoying the magical aroma I ever so gently drifted off to sleep... 〰 💫
💥 . . then woke up in a start cause I had to go back to work... 👷🏻

Whatever, for those rare mid-afternoon moments when all I want and need is to retreat, then the Lavender Eye Pillow takes me there; and relief from headaches, yes that too. After a few attempts, I can even sleep with it, stillness lying on my back, and I've used sleep masks for years. This is even better, just the right weight, pleasant aroma. So... YES, recommend.

Bill B Nappen... 😴"

Conclusion: I hope you would have definitely liked my best stress relief gifts: Feel free to share your view on this in the comments section.


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