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Chronic Stress Symptoms, You Can't Afford To Ignore

All You Need To Know About Chronic Stress Symptoms

Chronic Stress Symptoms


  • Symptoms Of Chronic Stress.
  • Effect Of Chronic Stress On Body.
  • Examples Of Chronic Stress.
Chronic stress can be defined as the stress which is prolonged. When we are stressed our body releases hormones to manage the stress. In the case of prolonged stress, the body and mind start getting irreversible damaged which shows significant effects in long-term.

To make it simple, Let's understand the process with a small example. I will today talk about a character(superficial) named Mr. James, a well-known scientist from Ukraine. In a project which needs to be delivered within 6 months, he got stressed as things were not moving as per his expectation.

Being a scientist he knew that the body will release hormones to act against stress so he took it lightly. Since the project demands lots of effort so as a result, his stress level couldn't reduce and thus it became chronic stress.

The human body is very difficult to understand. In short-term stress, the body releases hormones which act against the stress and thus neutralizes it. In the chronic or prolonged stress, body keep on releasing the same hormone for a long duration but unfortunately, our body can't remain in this state of high alert for very long and as a result, these stress neutralizing hormones start acting against our body leading to irreversible damage.

So it's really important to keep a track of chronic stress. We will discuss some very important symptoms of chronic stress that will definitely help you to catch this problem in the inchoate stage.

Chronic Stress Symptoms

chronic stress symptoms you need to be aware

Like other living organisms, our body too has a limitation or threshold. When the stress level crosses this threshold, it starts showing signs that you are compromising on physical or mental health.

Chronic Stress Symptoms #1 (Depression or General Unhappiness)

Sometimes, we are under chronic stress but unfortunately, we aren't able to realize it. In case you find yourself unhappy for no reason for a long time then you must consult a psychiatrist. To make it simple and sweet let's understand with an example.


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