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[Stress Management] How good are you at managing your stress?


This is the first article of this blog and It will be more of a kind of  'Introduction to Stress Management' in an interactive way.I have a long wish of writing on stress and the various techniques involved in its management.I hope this blog will help the needed ones.

To begin, Let's discuss why are we stressed?

Are you aware of the consequences of getting stressed?

Have you ever done any research on stress management?

I am 34 years old and throughout my journey, I am stressed a lot of time.I have tried a lot of techniques to minimize my stress.Few of them worked and rest didn't.Anyways moving further let me know your views on getting out of stress in the comment section.

Let's under the stress management with an example.

Suppose you are going to a mall with your child and someone wants to snatch your child.What will be your reaction?
Definitely, you will fight and get your child back.
Have you ever thought what will happen to your body?

I am damn sure that most of you are NOT aware of stress hormone?In tough situations or you can name it as unfavorable situation, our body releases the stress hormones to counter the situation.Due to the release of these hormones, your body will react in a different way.To mention a few you may start sweating, feeling like vomiting, severe pain, headache etc.Every human being is different so the response will also be different.

These hormones also prepare you to stand tough against any unfavorable situation.

But the release of such hormones on regular basis is dangerous for our body.We get stressed out in offices due to many reasons.Sometimes we also get stressed at home.There are times when we get stressed on roads or markets or anywhere else.

Getting stressed on a regular basis has become a part of our life.So we need to manage our stress on a regular basis to keep the side-effects away.

There are lots of reasons for stress and we will be discussing two of them in respect of Americans.Before writing this article I did some online research and got some significant data from American Psychological Association.

Stress Management

The survey shows the level of stress among the Americans.The reason for the stress is also very genuine.Personal safety can create stress for anyone.

stress management in the workplace
stress management initiatives

Stress management is very important because you never know what can cause you stress?I have seen lots of people getting stressed due to low income.Sometimes the reason can be like 'attack on minorities' as well.


In America, there is three main reason of stress.The stress due to poor economic condition affects 44 percent American, followed by Mass shootings and Terrorism.I forget to mention that the reason behind the stress decides the duration of the stress.
Let's understand it with an example.
The stress due to the poor economic condition can be of long-term stress or you can say the stress will remain until the economic condition improves.The stress due to mass shooting can be a short-term stress or even long-term because of this kind of stress incident-based.Suppose you are at an airport and suddenly mass shooting starts.You will get panic and highly stressful.Your mind and body will be acting actively to take you to a safer place.Once you are in a safer place or the shooting has stopped, your stress will drastically be reduced.So it's an incident based short-term stress.But if in shooting you lose your loved ones then it can be an incident based long-term stress.So you can see the same scenario can create a short or a long-term stress.
I totally believe in the proverb 'prevention is better than cure' and emphasizes a lot on managing your stress.A long-term stress can create a lot of complication on the personal front.I have seen lots of people getting addicted to drugs, smoking, drinking etc to reduce their stress.This is not at all a correct way to do stress management.

Throughout this article, I have been pushing the concept of 'stress management' to create a recall value for this word.
Before we conclude, let's have a look on some of  the handpicked articles.

Life is not a bed of roses and we have stress as a component of our daily routine.We can't say that stress doesn't affect us.In fact, it affects us to a great extent.

I call stress as a sweet poison because it kills you slowly and gradually.Stress can lead to depression and many other health hazards.In case you are stressed for a long time, you may become emotionally imbalanced.

I will say you Guys to take proper measure to manage your stress.

Conclusion: Stress Management is need of the hour and government and other social welfare institution should come together to promote awareness.


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