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[Stress Management Techniques]How to manage stress in the workplace?

How to manage stress in the workplace?

I think all of us get stressed out in the workplace.We can never have all the figures of the same size and shape and in a similar way, we can never expect all the 365 days our the year to be of similar in nature.I believe in enjoying the journey of my life rather than thinking of the goal as the final destination.Everything in this world is relative and change is only constant.Most of us have surely read these lines multiple times but 'how many of us have really thought about it?'.I believe that until you don't think about anything seriously you can't feel about it.Let's understand this with an example.Love is the easiest way to make anyone understand.Guys, how many of you have fallen in love with someone without thinking of her?I will be waiting for your answer in the comment section.If you ask me I can never fall in love with someone without thinking of her.Of course, exceptions are bound to be there.You can find many stories on the internet related to first-sight love, love is blind and the list goes on and on.

In the similar fashion stress is also a kind of feeling which happens due to release of stress hormones.I believe we can train our brain to deal better with both short and long-term stress.So friends tell me one thing-what is the best possible way to solve any problem from root?I have emphasized on the word root.The answer is as simple as you would have thought.If we are able to figure out the root cause of any problem then we can definitely not only be able to resolve the issue but also will be able to prevent it from occurring again.
Enough Gyaan......
Let's decode today the best stress management techniques to deal with the stress in the workplace.
It will be better to take an example and decode the problem and then apply it to other cases and see the response on a case to case basis.

best stress management techniques in workplace

As discussed in the previous article-stress can be due to your own attitude and habits and it can also be due to external factors.
I am taking an example of a software engineer to help you understand the entire scenario.
Mr. Johnson is a software developer and works for the Oracle.He gets pissed off every day because of his own habits.He is working for last 2 years in the company but couldn't help none other but himself to get inclined as per the company policy.Most often because of his late night sleep, he misses out the bus to his office.Even when he woke up every day late in the morning he gets stressed because of the thought that again he will miss the bus as usual.So his day starts with stress but this stress can be removed easily if the stress management techniques are used in the best possible manner.Mr. Johnson is now used to early morning stress and the worst part is that he never gave a thought to the cause of the stress.Since he has never thought about the stress so he couldn't find the solution.The stress is sequential.When Mr. Johnson miss the bus and as a result, he gets late to the office.He couldn't mark his attendance on time which leads to the deduction in his salary.Now he gets more stressed because he couldn't fulfill his financial commitment towards his family.As a result personal tension grew up in the family.His wife and children are not happy.So the stress level will keep increasing.I am just taken a small example to make you understand.Trust me, Guys, In our lives, if we will not try to find out the reason of stress then at times it can be very dangerous.If you consider the above scenario then you can understand that the reason for stress is so simple and by bringing a small change in your daily routine the entire problem can be solved.

stress management techniques in workplace

Moving further let's discuss the second example of another guy named Mr. David.He is also a software engineer working in the same company 'Oracle'.When it comes to Mr. David, he is very disciplined and punctual.He loves a routine life and believes in the idioms 'early to bed and early to rise'.He rarely misses his office bus but he lives a very stressful life.To de-stress he regularly does exercise.If you are reading the post seriously then I think you would have surely asked yourself 'why he is getting stressed?'.Here lies the suspense.He is tensed because of his boss.Mr. David always tries to be perfect and meet the deadline but his boss expectation is much more than he delivers.Every day he gets scolded by his boss.The worst part is his boss has given him a tag of 'unsuccessful developer'.
Here I would like to highlight one thing that Mr. David if compared with similar experience guys he is far ahead.He is an intelligent person and he knows the boss unrealistic expectation is the cause of his stress.He very well knows that until he works in this company he has to bear the stress.So. he is trying to sharpen his stress management skills.
In this scenario, the victim is aware of the root cause of stress.The victim also knows that he has to live with this stress for a certain amount of time.So he is trying out possible ways to manage stress.

Half of your stress level is neutralized by just knowing the cause of the stress.

I have taken two scenarios to help you understand.You can think of an infinite number of scenario.These scenarios may or may not overlap with each other.

I am now going to discuss my personal view on stress management in the workplace.To my understanding of personality traits, I correlate stress sometimes to personality traits.I have seen individuals who are loud and more vocal are less stressed as compared to those who want to keep everything to him or her.

I will love to explain this with a scenario.
Mr. Davidson is not only an extraordinary investment banker but also a very polite person.You will rarely find him speaking loud.He is known for his compassion nature.Since he is an investment banker so his work is to invest the money of his clients in good projects so that his clients get good returns on their investment.He has almost 97 clients.He follows an algorithm to take a decision.The algorithm is backed by artificial intelligence so the margin of error is very less.
There was an instance in his life when he couldn't give a good return to one of his clients from new york.The client was calm and said him to work on his weakness.Though client initially shouted but later on left on a high note.

Mr. Davidson knows that it's a part and parcel of this business.Neither You can keep all your clients happy nor you can give high returns to all your clients.

But he forgets one trait of business.Guess?

My readers are intelligent and I hope in a fraction of seconds you all would have guessed it for sure.

Ok ..... let me say it.He forgets that all the clients are also not the same and some clients can be really hard to tackle.

It was the start of summer and he was introduced to a gentleman name Mr. Fusaroo.By the way, Mr. Fusaroo is an advocate my profession.The best part was like Mr. Davidson he is a very polite and logical person.Mr. Fusaroo was interested in investing 10 million dollars and was looking for some good returns.Mr. Davidson was successful in making Mr. Fusaroo his client and was able to invest 10 million dollars in some really good projects.Mr. Davidson was damn confident to get more than 50 percent return on the investment.

Remember Life is not the bed of roses and Mr. Davidson had a very bad time with the investment.Though he has diversified the investment, it was his bad luck that most of the promising project completely collapsed.

He met a psychiatrist and discussed the entire scenario.She advised him to take foods that really help in stress management.She also suggested him other stress management techniques.

Though the suggestion worked for him to a certain level but the stress management techniques couldn't help him to completely eradicate the stress.

He was unable to find the real reason of stress.What is your opinion, my friends?Was the stress simply because of the loss or the reason was something else?

Here I need to highlight one thing that though Mr. Fusaroo is aware of the loss, he is unaware of the real picture.He doesn't know at all the loss is so huge.Mr. Davidson keeps on misinterpreting the facts and figures.

how to manage stress during a conflict with your client

There came a day when Mr. Fusaroo asked for the return on the investment.The worst part was that he was completely unaware of the fact that he has lost a huge percentage of his initial investment due to wrong investment strategies followed by Mr. Davidson.
This was going to be a huge blow for Mr. Davidson.Though he tried his best to convince Mr. Fusaroo using all the techniques nothing worked out.Mr. Fusaroo was a stubborn person and he wants nothing but his money.

So this was a great learning experience and Mr. Davidson has to pay the money from his pocket.Even though he was a rich person but it took a lot of time to pay the debts.
This incident brought a change in the way he used to look towards the life.He came to know that stress can only be neutralized fully after you get to know the root cause of the stress.

There are many stress management tips and techniques available to minimize the effect of stress for short-term.In case,  you are looking for a long-term stress-free life then you have to do root cause analysis of the origin of stress.

what are the signs of stress in workplace

It's an old proverb 'Prevention is better than cure'.Again it's a well-known fact that everyone gets stressed out at some point of time in the workplace.In case you know the symptoms of stress-related issues then you can reach out to psychiatrists or you can start following stress management tips at the earliest.

Physical symptoms include but not limited to -

  • A headache.
  • Heart Palpitations.
  • Insomnia.
  • Gastrointestinal Problem.
  • Dermatological Problem.
  • Frequent Fatigue.

These can be the symptoms of some other diseases as well but if you find yourself stuck with a majority of these symptoms then It's time to fix an appointment with the psychiatrist.

Psychological symptoms include but not limited to -
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Pessimism.
  • Cognitive Problem.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed.
Behavioral symptoms include but not limited to-
  • Isolation.
  • Mood Swings.
  • Reduced Work Performance.
  • Interpersonal Problems.
  • Aggression.

Can you sue for stress at work

What are the main work-related stressor

  • Role Conflict.
  • Bad Management Practices.
  • Job Contents and Demands.
  • Relationships at Work.
  • Organisation Culture.
  • Physical Work Environment.

Can you sue your employer for workplace stress

In most of the developed countries, employers are protected from undue stress, harassment, and unsafe working environment.Definitely, If the stress is due to unlawful harassment or discrimination then you can sue the employer in the court.However, if the stress is due to normal stressor factors such as unhygienic working condition, long working hours etc then you can claim for an additional compensation.
There is the instance when an employee is harassed because of color, ethnicity, age, disability, nationality, religion, gender etc.In this condition firstly the employee should check for the harassment policy of the company and take the matters internally.If not solved then the employee can look for the court to get the much-needed justice.

As a human being, you have your own fundamental rights and no one can dare to exploit it.Fundamental rights may vary from country to country but the overall human right has lots of thing in common across the globe.

It is my advice to not tolerate such kind of activities and everyone should come together and raise a voice against such activities prevailing across the globe.

Firstly, try to raise your concern with the HR department of your company and in case they are not showing any interest then contact an employment attorney who will definitely help you to file a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Benefits of stress management techniques at workplace

  • Job Satisfaction.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Employee Retention.
  • High Employee Heath Index.
  • Reduced Sick Leave.
We can't ignore stress at work.Everyone has to face certain stress and the way one manage stress defines his or her future prospects.

You can definitely work for longer hours or take stress to a great extent but you need to ask yourself how long you can work like this? For a proper physical and mental health, there is always a need for work-life balance.Unfortunately, an employee doesn't care about the importance of work-life balance unless the stress starts creating a big problem.

It's never advisable to ignore the problem related to stress.Always try to listen to yourself.I love talking to myself quite often.You will not believe but talking to myself helps me analyze my mental and physical conditions and most importantly it gives me mental peace.

Don't forget to comment on what you think about talking to yourself?

  • Tight Deadlines.
  • Job Insecurity.
  • Frequent Change in your Role and Responsibilities.
  • Heavy Workload.
  • Over-Supervision.
  • Micro Management of the Employee.
  • Lack of Career Growth Opportunity.
  • Discrimination.
  • Harassment.
  • Lack of Skill Development Opportunity.
Before we conclude, let's have a look on some of  the handpicked articles.

So these are some of the frequent causes of stress in the workplace.If you are regularly working on stress management techniques then sooner or later you are definitely gonna feel relax.

Conclusion: I hope this article will sure through some light on 'how to manage stress in the workplace'.I have tried to inculcate an overview of managing stress in workplace keeping in mind that the blog post doesn't exceed 2500 words.I always welcome positive suggestions.


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